Thursday, April 05, 2007

Three Self-Released Albums That Someone Needs To Pick Up Like Right Fucking Now

There's never an A & R guy around when you really need one, eh? That's what it seems like after hearing these three self-released albums... With all the junk that comes out every day between both the major and indie labels, it's a crime that no one has snagged these ones yet.

Division Day - Beartrap Island
This is one of those cds where your favorite song shifts over time and the ones you didn't pay as much attention to at first become the ones you listen to the most later. It's smart indie pop with a literal fuckload of variety within its thirteen tracks.

MP3: Tap-Tap-Click-Click (YouSendIt Link - Expires in one week)

The Minor Canon - No Good Deed Goes Unpunished
Duke at You Set The Scene and I both keep talking about how this is one of our favorite albums out so far this year. And to re-use an earlier quote, "It's solid stuff, songs made by a guy who comes across like his heart is literally on the line, and there's not a single bad or mediocre track to be found on the whole cd."

MP3: Bend Like Trees (YouSendIt Link - expires in one week)

Thailand - Motorcade
Like I've said before, Thailand have somehow single-handedly made it okay to like electro pop again. There are so many great tracks on this album... It's like everything you wanted out of the second Interpol cd and so much more. Both the music and its smarty pants lyrics stuck in your head for months.

MP3: The Magic Art demo (YouSendIt Link - expires in one week)

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