Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Let's Independent! on Tuesday, May 22nd w/ The Switch, Rademacher, & ???

Hey, so our next Let's Independent! event will take place at Boardner's of Hollywood on Tuesday, May 22nd and we're, like, enormously excited about the line-up and stuff.

We're not revealing the headliner yet, but opening up the FREE night of music is Fresno's Rademacher ... an indie rock act that we consider "extended family" and are breaking our only local artists rule for because A) they've played so often with LA bands here, B) they're in town recording their first full-length album with Earlimart's Aaron Espinoza, C) and it's only a matter of time until they move here, so this is a pre-emptive measure.

Here are a few great MP3s and an interview we did with them forever ago. The former are a good chance to sample how "their songs often begin in ridiculous lyrical fiddle-faddle but twist and turn with a carnival barker’s logic towards their inexorable choral conclusion, one usually couched in some kind of undisputable point about love or death or whatevahs."

- MP3: Playing For Fun
- MP3: They Are Always Into That
- MP3: You're Never Gonna Hear It From Me
- Mini-Interview: Rademacher

Up second that night are local kids The Switch, whose Hello Today EP has been in constant rotation around the RFSL home office and company car since they sent it over a few months back. It's "bedraggled, fall-down-the-stairs pop," just like you like it.

Here are a few great MP3s, an article we ran on them recently, and a link to recordings of the band's fantastic acoustic set on Little Radio on Aquarium Drunkard's show.

- MP3: Tongue Tied
- MP3: Crazy
- Band of the Week: The Switch
- Aquarium Drunkard: The Switch Acoustic Set

And the third band? We'll be talking about them next week.

Photo by Braedon Flynn.


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