Thursday, May 24, 2007

Mid-Week Show Update: Ladytron, The Album Leaf, The National, LCD Soundsystem, Two Gallants, & More

Late, late, I'm so late... Gotta run off to work, but here's an update to the concert calendar first... Check out the right-hand column for dates and venues for all the following bands.

Light FM, Rademacher, El Olio Wolof, The Happy Hollows, Icebird, The Ghost Lullaby, Peter Walker, Versa Vice, Yes Me To Death, Mezzanine Owls, Redcar, Chris Murphy, The Stiletto Formal, Moros Eros, Goodbye Tomorrow, Meiko, Susie, Suh, Tim Segreto, The Poor Excuses, Ladytron, Mika Miko, LCD Soundsystem, Matt & Kim, Vietnam, Two Gallants, Les Claypool, Daft Punk, Sebastian, Kavinsky, Shiloe, A ntique Brothers, Fathmount, Pocohaunted, the Sea Zombies, Ilyas Ahmed, Taiga Remains, The Alps, Mike Tamburo (with Matt McDowel), New Fairfield Parks and Recreation, the North Sea, Xela, White Rainbow, Valet, the Holy See, (VxPxC), Greg Kowalsky, Theo Angell, Dan Brown, Agilvsga, Nick Castro, Robedoor, Thousands, Ghosting, Starving Weirdos, Tarentel, Heavy Winged, The Valley Arena, Wallpaper, China Room, Miniature Tigers, Ill Ease, Moving Picture Show, I Make This Sound, Coco B’s, Signal Hill Transmission, Speaker Speaker, Dynamite Walls, Repeater, Death To Anders, Expo 70, The Finches, Scary Mansion, The Monolators, Ema and The Ghosts, Michael Leviton, The Mammals, The Chapin Sisters, Sam Sparro, The One AM Radio, Daedelus, Lonely Hearts, Eulogies, Pink Mochi, Good On Paper, Emma Burgess, The Don’ts, Japanesian Barbie, The 88, The Horrors, Bebel Gilberto, The National, The Album Leaf, The Bird & The Bee, Chapin Sisters, The Prayers, Winter Flowers, Mountain Party, and The Bubonic Plague.


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