Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Concert Update: Metric, Enon, Of Montreal, Jose Gonzalez, The Black Lips, Irving, & More

I've spent the last few hours updating the concert calendar to the right with new dates and venue info for all the bands listed below -- and I still have about twenty-five emails worth of messages from bands and clubs about upcoming shows. I need to crash out so that's all for now, but expect more soon...

I Make This Sound, Princeton, Valentino, The Northern Two, Blair, Travel By Sea, The Switch, The Finches, Gwendolyn, Tenlons Fort, Jeff Hanson, Solare, Repeater, Frankel, The Hectors, Electromagnetic, The Coral Sea, Ghost Town, The Flying Tourbillon Orchesta, Exitmusic, Erich Von Kneip, Cat Hair Ensemble, In Waves, Nevenka, Cydney Robinson, Chris Black, Dustin Boyer, The Preacher’s Son, The Switch, The Monolators, Papillon, Women and Children, Correatown, Wonderground, Everest, Buddy, Sally Jaye, The Panderers, The Youngs, Marvelous Toy, Health Club, Franco Near Death, Thailand, IO Perry, Solare, The Valley Arena, The Front, Wake Up Incinerate, The Soft Hands, The Bravery, Robbers on High Street, The Lovemakers, No Age, Au Revoir Simone, Okkervil River, Jon Vanderslice, Dr Dog, Matt & Kim, Rogue Wave, Jose Gonzalez, Roky Erikson, Ted Leo & The Pharmacists, Two Gallants, Tokyo Police Club, Astra Heights, Red Button, Unbearables, 17 Pygmies, Twilight Sleep, Ladybug Transistor, The Papercuts, Castledoor, Low Vs. Diamond, Switches, The Everyday Visuals, Sunday Drivers, Film School, Pela, Downtown Union, The Adored, Easy Image, Nico Vega, FlashBy Image, Alamo Race Track, Oliver Future, The Lonely H, The Scare, Low Vs. Diamond, The Young Immortals, IO Echo, Joan As Police Woman, Oakley Hall, Imperial Teen, Good On Paper, Princeton, The Switch, Minutes Til Midnight, Emily Burgess, Midnight Movies, Irving, The Architects, Gore Gore Girls, The Happy Hollows, Ben Kweller, Fujiya & Miyagi, The Black Lips, Black Mountain, The Cave Singer, Enon, Do Make Say Think, Daniel Johnston, Psychic TV, Gogol Bordello, The Frames, Animal Collective, Klaxons, Metric, Mudhoney, The Melvins, !!!, They Might Be Giants, Of Montreal, Saucy Minx, Unbusted, Mighty Six Ninety, Run Run Run, Steriogram, Ponette, Electric Children, The Dodos, and Akron Family.


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