Sunday, August 05, 2007

The Monday Show Low Down (Or “I Think That People Are The Greatest Thing”)

Shows like Saturday night at Spaceland with Radars to the Sky, Rademacher, Bedroom Walls, and Death To Anders remind me why I love living in this town so much: Great music, excellent people, and good times.

Shame about Seamus’ guitar spontaneously falling apart like that… I guess that’s what happens when you smash it into the goddamn floor, though. (Repeatedly.)

Anyway, let’s take a look at a week forward into el futuro.

Monday, August 6
- Low Vs. Diamond, Nico Vega, FlashBy Image, & Alamo Race Track @ Spaceland (FREE)
- Manic, Good On Paper, Princeton, The Switch, & Minutes Til Midnight @ The Echo (FREE)
- The Crash Kings & Unbearables @ The Silver Lake Lounge (FREE)
- Saucy Minx, Unbusted, Mighty Six Ninety, Run Run Run, & Steriogram @ The Viper Room
- Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit @ The Troubadour
- Au, Foot Foot, Terrors, & Amps For Christ @ Pehrspace
- Josh Nelson @ The Mint
- Zerox, The Bayonettes, The Contaminators, & The Devil @ The Scene
- I Make This Sound, Princeton, Valentino, & The Northern Two @ Bordello
- The Wombats @ The Roxy

You Set The Scene mentioned Au at Pehrspace as a possible Monday night highlight. I’d say seeing Le Switch for free at The Echo marks it as the most interesting of the three Monday night residencies.

Update: Oops! Looks like Le Switch are not playing now, but they are performing at The Silver Lake Lounge on Tuesday.

Tuesday, August 7
- The Squares, The Wombats, & Kenna @ Cinespace
- Fionn Regan & Ferraby Lionheart @ The Hotel Café
- Blair, Travel By Sea, & The Switch @ The Silver Lake Lounge
- Shiloe @ The Echo
- The Henry Clay People, Divisadero, Hello Menno, & The French Semester @ Safari Sam’s
- The Good Listeners & Miranda Lee Richards @ Largo
- Mendozza, The Dolemite Project, Crowned by Fire, & The Probe @ The Scene
- Robbers on High Street, 1990s, & Mezzanine Owls @ The Troubadour
- The Finches, Gwendolyn, Tenlons Fort, & Jeff Hanson @ Bordello
- Scary Kids Scaring Kids @ The Troubadour
- The Monolators & The Mormons @ Mr T’s Bowl
- The Prix, Astra Heights, Red Button, Unbearables, IO Perry, & 17 Pygmies @ Spaceland
- Emma Burgess @ The Silver Lake Lounge

Lots of good stuff going on Tuesday evening… The Prix, The Monolators, Mez Owls, The Switch… The pairing of Fionn Regan and Ferraby Lionheart is one of the most intriguing line-ups of the night.

Wednesday, August 8
- Dirty Kings, The Royal Heist, & The Ringers @ The Silver Lake Lounge
- Spider Bags, The Guilty Hearts, & The Black Fuzz @ The Scene
- Electrocute @ The Troubadour
- Dub Club @ The Echo
- Vieux Farka Touré @ Amoeba Music
- Indie 103.1 presents CLUB NME w/ You Am I, The Redwalls, The Wombats @ Spaceland
- The Stevenson Ranch Davidians @ The Echo

I don’t really know any of the bands playing on Wednesday too well. Anyone have any recommendations?

Thursday, August 9
- The Lovemakers @ The Troubadour
- The Airborne Toxic Event, Coco B's, & Teddy's Cheer Club @ Detroit Bar (Costa Mesa)
- The Echo Presents St Motel & The Moon Upstairs @ Pershing Square (FREE)
- Free Moral Agents, Jon Ruf and Mr. The Teeth, & Paper Cup Band @ The Silver Lake Lounge
- The Carribean, Mospeada, & Brad Laner @ Pehrspace
- Strangers Smile, Meho Plaza, Austin James Band, & Divisadero @ The Scene
- The Bloody Hollies, Restaurant, & Muso @ Spaceland
- Filter Magazine’s Revenge of the Sunset Strip w/ The Redwalls, Augie March, Mark Mallman, Bang Lime @ The Roxy

Jax at Rock Insider says good things about Austin James Band, who are playing her Indie Schmindie night on Thursday. I’ve heard their cd and it made me curious to see them live.

Friday, August 10
- The Flying Tourbillon, Le Switch, The Coral Sea, & Mini Love @ Tangier
- Solare & Repeater @ El Cid
- Sexy Prison, Anchors & Architects, Times New Viking, & Little Claw @ Pehrspace
- Underground @ The Echo
- Loud & Local @ The Troubadour
- Thavius Beck, Organik Junk Fuud, Concept Oner, Artoo & Generic, & Morb One @ The Scene
- Great Northern, Twilight Sleep, & The Comas @ Spaceland

I haven’t seen Anchors for Architects before (and still have chronic trouble spelling “architects” for some reason), but folks in bands I really like swear by them. Allan from The Scene speaks highly of Solare and I heart Great Northern live.

Saturday, August 11
- Very Be Careful @ Bordello
- Look Daggers @ The Scene
- Luther Russell, Sarabeth Tucek, & Magic Mirror @ The Echo
- Puppies and Kittens, Movement of the Sun, Azalia Snail, & The Virgin Rosemary @ Pehrspace
- The Avett Brothers @ The El Rey
- Ladybug Transistor, The Papercuts, & Castledoor @ Spaceland

Castledoor are great. I’d write a joking comment about them not writing me back about playing a future Let’s Independent! event, but don’t want it to sound bitter because, you know, it’s cool. (I mean, Army Navy did too and I’m still really looking forward to hearing their new album.)

Sunday, August 12
- The Eagle Rock Bowling & Drinking Club w/ Underwater City People, Service Group, Hello Menno, Rainman Suite @ All- Star Lanes
- MF Doom @ The El Rey Theatre
- Hecuba, Lucky Dragons, Haz’m, & Almaden @ Pehrspace
- Agent Ribbons @ The Silver Lake Lounge
- mr. Tube & the Flying Objects, Love Story in Blood Red, & The Viewmasters @ Spaceland
- Woman And Children & Ezra Furman and The Harpoons @ Tangier
- The Dodos & Akron Family @ The Troubadour
- Grand Ole Echo w/ Mike Stinson @ The Echo
- Pioneers & Sundelles @ The Scene
- Carina Round @ Found Gallery

If you haven’t heard about how fantastic The Dodos are live yet, I’d like to confirm it.

Also, read this article about the Eagle Rock Bowling & Drinking Club

That’s it. Did I miss anything? Please lemme know...


Blogger Malcolm Sosa said...

I think Austin James is from Fresno, so he gets my vote for thursday as well as Jax's.

10:41 AM  
Blogger elana said...

Re: Wednesday night bands...

Guilty Hearts are pretty good. Saw them open for Jay Reatard a while back. If I remember correctly, they were kinda Garage/Rockabilly... If you like that sorta music.

2:42 PM  

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