Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Let's Independent! w/ The Hectors, Tigers Can Bite You, & Radars To The Sky

Tonight’s the night of our latest Let’s Independent! show at Boardner’s, which is the one-year anniversary party and a CD release event for all three bands. (Well, two out of three, at least, because one group wasn't able to finish everything up quite in time... D'oh!)

It’s FREE, starts at nine, and should be great amounts of fun -- like usual, but, y’know, extra. The Hectors will have their long-awaited Sometimes They Collide EP on-hand, Tigers Can Bite You will have their much-anticipated eponymous debut album, and Radars To The Sky will be playing new musics of their upcoming EP.

Here are links to interviews, MP3s, and videos for the three acts.

The Hectors“Corinne is really, really tough. We once saw her take a swig of whiskey straight from the bottle… It was totally intense. The boys in the band, well, not so much. We weep a lot, have whining contests -- Erik is the reigning champ -- and sometimes we stop playing right in the middle of a show because the guitar strings pinch our fingers.”

DOWNLOAD: I Drove All The Way From Bridgeport Just To Make It With You

Tigers Can Bite You - “The band was originally called janmichaelvincent, but Sammy hated the name. We all tried coming up with new names, but it wasn't until Dave posted a picture of a tiger biting a shark on MySpace with a caption that said ‘Tigers Can Bite You’ that we decided that would be the new name.

“Plus, we all really like yogurt.”

DOWNLOAD: - Rough Stuff demo

Radars To The Sky - “Well, probably a combination of the influences we have: a good part "throwback-indie rock" (if I can coin a genre) -- jangly, noodly, multiple-part guitar-based rock; with an emphasis on melody; plus a dash of more straight-ahead, more danceable rock; and a pinch of folk influence; with lyrics that try their best to say something interesting in a poetic way.”

- Wave Goodbye To The Sun MP3
- Rude Surprise MP3
- In The Basement MP3

Hope to see you all tonight! And many thanks to Xine from the band Mini Love for doing such an amazing job on the poster.


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Great line up tonight. Radars to the Sky is today's epiTUNES Artist of the Day.

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