Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Video Free Silver Lake: Pinback, Exitmusic, Tara Busch, & The Deadly Syndrome

It's Wednesday and I'm late posting for the day, so it's time for the most wonderful filler possible: videos for acts who have just released new albums and/or live and play here in town. It's a visual feast for the eyes or something.

First up is Pinback's video for the song From Nothing to Nowhere off their yesterday-released Autumn of the Seraphs. (My favorite track on the album so far is Good To Sea. It's catchier than a rubber ball.)

Then, there's Exit Music's new video for their charmingly fuzzy song Decline of the West. They're playing Rock Insider's Indie Schmindie night in October at The Scene.

Then, there's my favorite video of a beautiful, naked woman playing the theramin while wearing big white boots in an attic. That's Tara Busch, who will performing tracks off of her new album at Bordello next Tuesday ... and will also appear on the Dean and Daisy show on KXLU 88.9 FM tomorrow at 5.

And finally, here's another one of the skits that The Deadly Syndrome made to I guess promote the release of this week's cd release, The Ortolan. (Still looking forward to their manager posting footage from last Saturday's show at The Echo. Josh? I'm calling you out here...)


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