Thursday, November 08, 2007

Band Of The Week: The Hidden Hooks

There are times in these modern myspace times when you come across a new band crush before they've released an EP or even played out, then have to wait and wait for either to occur...

Such is the case for me with The Hidden Hooks, the product of local multi-instrumentalist Chris Johnson. According to his page, he's a frequent collaborator (most notably The Gold Bugs), but is hard at work on an EP full of jangly indie pop called Silver Cities.

He's posted four early tracks from it, all of which are fairly addicting, but the sad yet upbeat number Girl Don't You Get Buried and Iron & Wine-esque When The Silence Squeezes perhaps a little more so.

Take a listen -- technical problems keep me from posting, but you can find them here -- and if you like the tracks, maybe send Johnson a message with some gentle prompting to get a move on.


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