Wednesday, November 07, 2007

More Ticket Giveaways: Great Northern, Saturday Looks Good To Me, & The Ponys

We’ve already given away a few pairs of tickets for Great Northern at The Echoplex on Thursday night, but have managed to scare up some more to, y'know, give away.

We also have tickets for the early show for indie pop heartbreakers Saturday Looks Good To Me and Princeton at The Echo on Saturday, as well as a few for Chicago's The Ponys at The Echoplex on Saturday night.

UPDATE: The Great Northern tickets are gone, but I still have one pair left for both the Saturday Looks Good To Me and The Ponys shows. Hurry!

Just write us here with the name of the show in the title and your full name to be entered in the drawing to win. If you need further convincing for some strange reason, then watch these videos.

- Mini-Interview: Great Northern
- Great Northern The Middle Demo MP3
- Mini-Interview: Saturday Looks Good To Me's Fred Thomas
- Band Of The Week: Princeton



Blogger Malcolm Sosa said...

SLGTM - oh boy. Give Fred a hello and ask him whatever happened to that one song he recorded in Olympia with us on backup vocals...

4:39 PM  

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