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What's Next For 26 LA Bands

As part of our ongoing end-of-the-year/holiday feature articles, we asked a number of LA-area bands what was next for them in '08: a tour, a new album, a residency, and/or [fill-in-the-blank]?

And here's what they all had to say...

Russell Pollard - Everest

We're going up to Utah in January to play at Sundance Film Festival. Then a show on 1/14 with The Parson Redheads at Spaceland. Then on 1/28 at The Echo with Radar Bros.. Both of these shows are free. Please come if you can!

We're also releasing our first record next spring and I can't tell you how happy that makes me. Lots of touring towards the summer and fall...whoo hoooo!

Nate Cole - Castledoor

Hopefully the release of our first full album and touring to places like Texas and stuff (along with some special shows around town of course).

Everyone from Signal Hill

2008 = New Album, More Local and Short Drive Shows (San Diego, San Francisco, Vegas, Phoenix etc.) We hope to (not sure if it will happen in 08), take up the offer from our Australian mates, All India Radio on a short tour down under!

On Jan 22nd, we're playing at The Silver Lake Lounge - More Details Coming Soon!

Sarah Negahdari, Chris Meanie, & Charlie Mahoney - The Happy Hollows

In 2008 we plan to tour and to put out a lot of new material.

Claire McKeown – Dirt Bird & Afternoons

I'm really looking forward to this next year. My first two albums are coming out. One with Afternoons and the other with Dirt Bird. I can't wait to hold those two completed albums in my hand, and to send them off into the world.

Rob Danson - Death To Anders

We kick off 2008 with our CD Release show at Let's Independent!, interview and live set on KXLU and Kill Radio, and a tour with Rademacher!!!!!

All in promotion for our album titled Fictitious Business (Produced by Dave Newton - The Movies, The Blood Arm, The Little Ones, The Happy Hollows, and The Henry Clay People.....all The bands!!)

Kim from Eagle & Talon

Alice and I are planning on releasing our new record on Valentine's Day followed by touring, and then moving to Prague.

Jason Bays & Colleen Coffey -- The Spires

New full-length out early next year - on vinyl, hopefully. Lots of shows, touring etc..

Keith Waggonner -- Amateurs

Hopefully a new record. We've been doing a lot of writing, but it's so hard to focus when you're playing out at the same time. We have a show coming up in January, but after that I think we’ll go into hiding for a bit and take care of business

Kate & Andrew Spitzer - Radars To The Sky

Looking forward to having as many people as possible hear the new tunes we just finished; playing some shows out of town; playing a residency; getting some more new tunes recorded.

Dave Woody - Tigers Can Bite You

We're kicking off the year playing with the Radar Bros. at their residency. Not a bad way to start things off. Then recording and more shows, repeat until deaf.

Bobby Tamkin - Xu Xu Fang

- These Days CD EP release.
- Full length album release.
- January 18th at Bordello with Winter Flowers and Exit Music.
- Tour with Dokken.

Jordan Huddock – Marvelous Toy

- Getting discovered by Moby, a collaboration with, "the marvelous boy" world tour, fame, infamy.
- Less drugs.
- A couple weeks off to work on new songs, shows starting on 2/28 with our friends The French Semester, hopefully a new EP.

Malcolm Sosa - Rademacher

Same old thing: world domination and whippets.

What's next for you in 2008, Joe? A world tour? An online video game championship? More shows? A record label? The world is your oyster, Fielder.

Nicki Nevlin - The Black Kites

Hopefully all of the above! An album for sure by next fall.

Aaron Kyle - Le Switch

We have a new record coming out in the spring. A full length on Autumn Tone Records - Aquariums Drunkard's Label. We'll be going down to SXSW and I think we're hitting up some other festivals too. Some touring will be in our future and a possible residency has been in the works as well.

Joel Graves - Everest

It looks like our first Everest record will be out in early April. Then... laps around the land in a van.

Corinne Dinner - The Hectors

Our song Cold Star is being released through UK label Dirty Little Angels on a Los Angeles compilation. We are planning a spring tour up the west coast. And we're working out some new songs now.

Mike Corwin – The Devils Romantics

We’ll be doing the next two installments of our live recording series, Live From Little Tokyo. Also, a new Devils Romantics EP, and a full-length of my new project Red Maids.

Eli and Mary Chartkoff - The Monolators

Beyond playing more shows than endurance/common sense permits, I have a (very) vague plan to write a mini-musical about a hapless robot named Mechanor (see holiday message MP3 on xmas post).

Nikolai Goodich – Molecules

Recording next album w/ new vitrtuoso drummer/ guitarist/singer and full member Kenny Elkin ( ex- After Hours ) and new Bass player Julian Woolsey ( ex- SpaceLord/The Imaginary Friends ).

Mike Lee – Letting Up Despite Great Faults

We plan to release a 3 song digital-only EP in the first quarter of '08 through Pistol Digital. The song I'm Not Real Today (the mp3 on the mix article on xmas) will be one of the three songs.

We will also probably do a separate but physical and digital EP release in the summer of '08 through our own label, New Words (that's how we did our first EP).

Expect us at SXSW and a west coast tour in the late summer!

Brian Canning – Afternoons & Irving

Finishing our Afternoons' debut album in early January and playing tons of local shows then go on the road as soon as possible.

Will Etling – The Deadly Syndrome

Hopefully all three of those things, in one way or another. Lots of wishful thinking.

Jesse Hoy – The Deadly Syndrome


Aaron La Fontaine – The Flying Tourbillon Orchestra

First up, our Escapements EP should drop sometime this winter, hopefully in time to tide over the (non-existent) frothing masses. And the Orchestra needs to hit the road... I see a west coast tour on the horizon; we're gonna play Tijuana and tap into that awesomely open-minded spring break crowd. But in all seriousness, we'll definitely be playing Santa Barbara, San Francisco and hopefully a slew of other Pacific locales at some point this year.

Another goal for us is to expand our crowd to those that might not otherwise hear us.. you know, we could hit up some youth groups, knitting circles, black masses... Anyone that'll take us.

We'd love to host a residency too.

Mike Griffin – Tandemoro

Tandemoro will be starting off the '08 with a New Year's show in San Francisco. We booked this bar in North Beach called Grant and Green for just us and a bunch of DJ's so we're going to really get at it and dance in the New Year. From that point on, it's going to be some local shows and we're going to release an EP early '08 and see where the summer takes us as far as touring.

Erica Elektra – Hearts Of Palm UK

New album - Will be called "For Life" will hopefully be done in Feb.

Heisenflei & M – The Pity Party

Monday nights in February at Spaceland. We'll be releasing a limited edition EP entitled ORGY PORGY which is being packaged in recycled billboard vinyl courtesy of Clearchannel Outdoor for the residency with new tunes. Then most likely we'll be touring the world, winning Grammies and Mercury Prizes, and becoming alienated from everyone who knew us way back when.

Or maybe at least we'll get a manager or something...


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