Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Tuesday Show Low Down (Or “On Account Of Being Left Too Long Out In The Rain” )

Spent the morning drive catching up on albums and EPs that people have sent over recently. They’d started to pile up, so got to playing the new Henry Clay People, The Breakups, The Lost Libraries, Ladies & Gents, and more, before coming back to the recently-released Death To Anders again. (Yep, traffic was pretty piled up there.)

Feels good to be catching back up. Can’t wait to see some of these shows this week.

Tuesday, January 22
- Signal Hill, Beware Of Safety, Littlest Viking, & Keith Waggoner (from Amateurs) @ The Silver Lake Lounge
- Ranch Party: Sarah Stanley and They Look Like Cousions, Merle Jagger, Psychedelic Cowboys @ Spaceland
- Birdie w/ Eagle & Talon @ The Troubadour
- Aanchors Aaweigh @ Bordello
- The Teenagers, Funeral Party, & Mezzanine Owls @ The Echo
- Poison the Well, The Locust, Dance Gavin Dance, & A Girl, A Gun, A Ghost @ The Troubadour
- Panic Movement, The French Semester, Manhattan Murder Mystery, and Walk In Medical @ The Scene

I can’t say enough good things about going to see Signal Hill live. They make even the most devoted indie pop followers fall in love all over again with dreamy, explosive post rock.

Also heart Mezzanine Owls.

Wednesday, January 23
- MarathonLive w/ Amnion @ The 3 Of Clubs
- Moon Upstairs, Suki, & Greater California @ The Echo
- Dubclub @ The Echoplex
- KXLU & "Is Good" on Killradio Present Hour Of The Shipwreck, Two Ton Boa, & The Youngs @ Bordello
- Telematique @ Tangier
- Suns Beneath & Whiskey and Knives @ The Scene (FREE)
- Gallows @ The Troubadour
- Master Cylindar, Kamikaze, Bloodcum, The Mysterians, & The Glutes @ Mr T's Bowl
- Sofia, JT and The Clouds, & Traildriver @ The Silver Lake Lounge
- Indie 103.1 presents CLUB NME with The Teenagers (from the UK), Run Run Run, Mostly Bears @ Spaceland
- The Youngs, Two Ton Boa, & Hour of the Shipwreck @ Bordello

You should have already been planning to go see Amnion over at The 3 Of Clubs even before you heard that it was FREE.

Thursday, January 24
- KEXP presents Feral Children, The Transmissions, Black Kites, & Kettle @ The Scene
- Moving Picture Show & A.I. @ The Roxy
- Priscilla Ahn @ The Hotel Cafe
- Ingrid Michaelson @ The Troubadour
- Ernest Lisa, Pertinence Pigeons, Mospeada, The Eternal Triangle, & Green Gargantua @ Mr T's Bowl
- Hey Willpower & Money Mark @ The Echo
- Dead Ponies, Stab City, Victom Vision, & The Savages @ The Silver Lake Lounge
- Jessie Evans @ The Silver Lake Lounge
- The Airborne Toxic Event, Radars To The Sky, Aushua, & Venus Infers @ Spaceland

The Airborne Toxic Event and Radars To The Sky are two of my favorite live acts in LA right now. And as Corinne from The Hectors puts it, “Seamus [from Radars] plays guitar like he's got one more day to live and he's not going to waste it.”

Oh, yeah. And we've got some tickets for it, too. Write us here w/ "AIRBORNE RADARS" in the title and your full name to be entered in the drawing.

Friday, January 25
- Au Revoir Simone, Karin Tatoyan, & Princeton @ The Troubadour
- Jessie Evans & Lola Gayle-Sandgren @ El Cid
- Outre @ Pehspace
- Jim Ward w/ Nico Stai @ Paul G Gleason Theater
- Les Blanks, Ex Detectives, Restaurant, Codpiece, & Dirt Dress @ Mr T's Bowl
- The Slow Poisoner, Haunted George, The Dagons, & DJ Mike Decay @ The Scene
- Hello Astronaut, Goodbye Television w/ Yellow Fever & Her Girl Friday @ The Smell
- Pigeon John & Tick Tick Boom @ El Cid
- Club Underground w/ Lemon Sun & Astra Heights @ The Echo
- The Fader Presents: Jason Isbell (ex-Drive-By Truckers) and the 400 Unit, Will Hoge, & Jeremy Fisher @ Spaceland
- Mirah & The Blow @ The Henry Fonda

Much as I heart The Blow, the line-up of Brooklyn’s Au Revoir Simone and here’s Princeton and Karin Tatoyan makes me want to drive all the way over to The Troubadour.

Saturday, January 26
- L.A. Underground Presents: Correatown (record release), The Sweet Hurt, Jack Wilson, Jr., Cobra Lilies, & Daniel Ahearn @ Pehrspace
- Offsprung & Echo present: A Saturday Morning Kid Show w/ The Hollow Trees, & Triple Chicken @ The Echoplex
- MGMT & Yeasayer @ The Echo
- Tim Finn @ The Troubadour
- Blue Mask @ Mr T's Bowl
- Lady Sinatra, Oaks, Who Rides the Tiger, & Dali’s Llama @ The Scene
- High Places, Abe Vigoda, Disaster, Lucky Dragons, & Katy Davidson @ The Smell
- Panic Movement, Ragsy, & The Monthlies @ The Cat Club

Oops! I said before that I didn't know about anything for Saturday night, but the Correatown CD release party sounds pretty promising. (Besides the headliner, I've meant to see The Cobra Lilies -- the other band w/ the folks from The Monolators -- for awhile now and Bronson says good things about Dan Ahern.)

Sunday, January 27
- Part Time Punks & Echo Present White Williams, Magic Bullets, & The Blakes @ The Echo
- Upsilon Acrux @ Spaceland
- Dustin Boyer @ Tangier
- Liz Pappademas, The Sweet Hurt, The Breakups, & Goodbye Kumiko @ Mr T's Bowl
- Swords of Fatima, Lo-Fi Man, Chump Change Gang, & Sturgeon @ The Scene
- John Sakkis, Mady Schutzman, & Logan Ryan Smith @ The Smell
- The Eagle Rock Bowling & Drinking Club w/ The Spires, Frankel, Franklin For Short, & Jake Mann

One of the best moments I had over the holiday break was hanging out at home and listening to The Spires. I never get tired of hearing their happily melancholy pop songs and find I like their smart, smart lyrics more and more over time.

They’re playing on Sunday at All-Star Lanes with Frankel, who are also rad, so add bowling and there’s Sunday night.

That’s it. Please let me know if I missed anything.


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