Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Video Free Silver Lake: Wait Think Fast, The Monolators, & Death To Anders

Tonight’s the night of our latest FREE Let’s Independent! event at Boardner’s, which will be the CD release party for Death To Anders with The Monolators and Wait Think Fast, so it seems the timing is fairly right to put up some videos and/or MP3s for all three acts...

I’ve posted this video of The MonolatorsStrawberry Roan nearly a hundred thousand times before, but I never get tired of watching it or hearing the song. And same goes for the live footage of their three bass version of We Fell Dead, too.

There there’s this relatively old clip of Death To Anders playing one of the songs off of their new album at the dark and tiny Zen Sushi

And Wait Think Fast don’t have any videos or live footage online yet, so make sure to come early tonight at nine to see them play. (Or you might not even like yourself.)

For details and to hear more songs, go right here.

- Wait Think Fast’s Bad Men MP3
- The Monolators’ You Look Good On The Train MP3
- Death To Anders Camera Lens MP3

(Rad, dreamlike poster by Christine Hale, who, yet again, we can't thank enough.)


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