Monday, February 25, 2008

The Monday Show Low Down (Or "Sharks' Tears Get Lost In The Ocean...")

It was around the time of the E3 convention a summer or three ago and it was two in the morning and we were all at Taco King at the corner of Sunset and Alvarado, I guess sobering up. Someone gave change to a homeless guy, who then decided he wanted to give us an old Playboy he'd been carrying around. But first he tore out the Dan Ackroyd interview inside because he liked it so much.

Somehow it ended up on my living room table later that night, though nobody had seemed to want to pick it up. Old Playboys already seem kind of vaguely scary and unhygienic on their own, but add the homeless guy factor and this one was like hot lava. We kicked at it and kept it away from the food. If we'd had sticks, we probably would have poked at it with them.

I swear, there's something especially sad about pornography that no one wants to touch...

Anyway, here's how this week is looking in local music.

Monday, February 25
- The Henry Clay People, Rademacher, Army Navy & What Made Milwaukee Famous @ The Echo (FREE)
- They Shys, Bigbang, February Fifths, Maryandi, & Nicholas Alexander and The Matadors @ The Silver Lake Lounge (FREE)
- KCRW presents: Rickie Lee Jones @ Echoplex
- The Digs, David Higgins, Silver Phial, The Burlington Family, & Eagle-Winged Palace @ Mr T's Bowl
- Sean Carnage Presents Cristopher Cichocki (video composition set), Halloween Swim Team, Rumspringa, Warm Climate, & Rale @ Pehrspace
- Indie 103.1 Presents Check One... Two... Casxio & Electrocute @ The Viper Room
- Chris T-T & Frank Turner @ Bordello
- Moving Picture Show @ Crash Mansion (FREE)
- Dorian Wood, Killsonic, Liz Pappademas, Frank Turner, & Chris TT @ Bordello
- Solare, Exit Music, The Valley Arena, Xanimo, & Kav @ The Troubadour (FREE)
- The Lamps, Haunted George, The Black, & Golden Boys @ The Scene
- The Monthlies (acoustic set), Rio Bravo, & Katrina Parker @ Tangier
- Bust Magazine Presents : The Pity Party, The Rolling Blackouts, & Meho Plaza @ Spaceland (FREE)

Lots of good stuff tonight… Four great bands at The Echo for free: The Henry Clay People, Rademacher, Army Navy & What Made Milwaukee Famous… The debut of Eagle Winged Palace, a new psyche pop band from the folks behind garage pop act The Prix, at Mr T’s Bowl… Exit Music and friends at The Troubadour for free... And The Pity Party close out their free residency at Spaceland.

Tuesday, February 26
- Big French & Paper Rainbow @ Echo Curio
- The Meemies, Branden Mayer and The Hidden Powers, Heartstrings Symphony, & Denver Smith @ The Silver Lake Lounge
- Jay Farrar @ The Troubadour
- Missy Higgins & Patrick Francis @ The El Rey
- Correatown, Cosio, & Telephone & Telegraph @ Bordello
- You Me and Iowa, The Natural Disasters, The Coma Lilies, & Blanket @ The Scene
- I See Hawks in LA, Mike Stinson, Psychedelic Cowboys @ The Echo
- The Helio Sequence, The Builders and the Butchers, Hearts Of Palm UK @ Spaceland

I’ve seen The Helio Sequence at Spaceland twice before and they’re fantastic live, while Correatown, Hearts Of Palm UK, and You Me & Iowa are also worth checking out.

Wednesday, February 27
- British Sea Power, Colour Music, & Castledoor @ The Echo
- Dub Club w/ Ranking Trevor @ Echoplex
- Stellastarr* & The Oohlas @ The Troubadour
- Lisa Brenner @ Room 5
- The Weather Underground, Francisco The Man, Ladies And Gents, & Flashing Red Lights @ The Silver Lake Lounge
- Quazaar and The Bamboozled, The Douglas Lee, & Little Man T @ Bordello
- Unpopable Quartet, Paul Bailey Ensemble, & Amorphous Blob @ Mr T's Bowl
- Daddy-O, The Dirges, Zero To Kill, & The Hounds @ The Scene
- Kassia Conway & Katy Rose @ Tangier
- Indie 103 presents CLUB NME w/ Bedtime for Toys, IO Echo, & Holly Marilyn @ Spaceland

I don’t know Britsh Sea Power, but Castledoor are some of the best performers in town right now and never disappoint.

Thursday, February 28
- Mezzanine Owls 7" Release Show w/ The Mae Shi, Eagle & Talon, & Frankel @ The Echo
- British Sea Power, Colour Music, & White Denim @ Spaceland
- Punch Brothers featuring Chris Thile @ The Troubadour
- Rum & Humble & Jackson Browne pres: Son De La Frontera @ Echoplex
- Adam Marsland's Chaos Band, Service Group, Pussy Cow, & Rob Shapiro @ Mr T's Bowl
- The Convicts, The Mercs, Bad Guise, & The Pocket Rockets @ The Scene
- Tulsa, What Made Milwaukee Famous, This Will Destroy You, & Signal Hill @ The Silver Lake Lounge
- The Poor Excuses, Light FM, and Tigers Can Bite You @ The Three Of Clubs

This night was made to vex the indecisive... The improbable yet incredible mixing of Mezzanine Owls, The Mae Shi, Eagle & Talon, and Frankel should amaze folks at The Echo, while What Made Milwaukee Famous, This Will Destroy You, and Signal Hill will melt faces at The Silver Lake Lounge and The Poor Excuses, Light FM, and Tigers Can Bite You delight all of you lousy drunks at The Three Of Clubs.

Friday, February 29
- Tilly and The Wall, Capgun Coup, & Buddy @ The Echo
- Spindrift, Spirit Army (feat. mambers of Starlite Desperation), Moonrants, & Restaurant @ Spaceland
- Cat Power @ The Wiltern
- Blitzen Trapper & Grand Archives @ The Troubadour
- Security Productions, The Mysterians, Solar Wimp, Angeles of Mischief, Katharsis, & Manic Frenzy @ Mr T's Bowl
- Health Club, Daniel Ahearn, & Queen Kwong @ Echo Curio
- Ediskrad, Mic Hempstead, Life for the Better, The N.M.E, Emseadez, & DJ Troma @ The Scene
- I Love Booty Too!!! featuring Dj Funk, Dj Sega, Dark Alley, Blu Jemz, & Pube$ @ Echoplex
- MSTRKRFT, Z-Trip, & LA Riots @ The Henry Fonda

The Squaregirls speak highly of Health Club, while The LA Times Kevin Bronson makes favorable clucking noises about Daniel Ahearn. Both are at Echo Curio on Friday night. Also? Buddy headlines The Echo. (The adventurous may try to catch all three.)

Saturday, March 1
- Holy Fuck, A Place to Bury Strangers, & In Waves @ Spaceland
- Bootie LA @ Echoplex Lounge
- Von Iva, Love Grenades, & The Library @ El Cid
- Seasons, I Make This Sound, Bedroom Walls, Boxviolet, & King Hearts & Coronets @ Mr T's Bowl
- Tally Hall @ The Troubadour
- Club Place N Time w/Kenan Bell, El Ten Eleven, DJ Pubes, & DJ Frog @ The Scene
- Grizzly Bear & The LA Philharmonic @ Walt Disney Concert Hall

What’s up this week and all the amazing line-ups?! (In Saturday's case, see all the great acts playing at Mr T’s Bowl.)

Sunday, March 2
- Spaceland's 13th Anniversary Show w/ Radar Bros, Earlimart, The Movies, Let's Go Sailing, The Blood Arm, 400 Blows, Run Run Run, Oliver Future, The Vacation, and more @ Spaceland
- Buddy, Let's Go Sailing, & Goldenboy @ The Hotel Cafe
- Benefit for Edendale Library w/ Bobby Matmos @ Echoplex
- Colorforms @ Tangier
- College Access Plan Benefit, Shiloe, Ready The Jet, The Density, F-Stop Serenade, & more @ Mr T's Bowl
- Part Time Punks w/ Spectrum (Sonic Boom from Spaceman 3), Midnight Movies, Grimble Grimble @ The Echo
- Dzjenghis Khan, Orange Sunshine, Hallowed Engine, & Chief Nowhere @ The Scene
- Magnetic Fields @ The Henry Fonda

Midnight Movies were great last time I caught them play, while I’ve been meaning to check out local pop group Colorforms (lead Alex Lily sings back-up for The Bird & The Bee) for awhile now and the pairing of Buddy and Let's Go Sailing at The Hotel Cafe is, in a word, rad.

And don't forget Spaceland's 13th Anniverary show, an all-day event w/ Earlimart, The Movies, Radar Bros. and many more...

That’s it. Please let me know if I missed anything.


Blogger Ronald said...

hey joe. thanks so much for writing such nice things about us bentleys. tomorrow we, along with other LA bands throughout the week such as army navy, henry clay people, and dios (malos), will be interviewed and play recorded performances for

we'll let you know when you can check it all out.

and thanks so much for having us on stage at let's independent. it was so much fun. you rule.


ron from the bentleys

4:23 PM  
Blogger Malcolm Sosa said...

British Sea Power and Castledoor, for sure. You ever gonna come outside and play again, Joe? I am gonna try and make the Tilly and the Wall show.

1:43 PM  
Blogger JMB said...

We went to the Cat Power show last night at the Wiltern. And on the box office was a Public Notice of Application for Ownership Change. It said ownership of the Wiltern was being transferred to Wolfgang Puck Catering and Events. Do you know what's going on with this??

4:46 PM  
Blogger dom said...

My wife and I went to Mr t's bowl last saturday. Lame acts but one stood out I gotta give kootos to Maniac frinzy tearing up Mr T's a very fun act that was worth the $5 to get in. They had a very good relationship with the crowd just thought you should check them out after reading your reviews.

12:15 AM  

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