Wednesday, February 13, 2008

More On Let's Independent! w/ Everest, The Transmissions, & The Bentleys

As you've hopefully already heard, our next Let's Independent! at Boardner's of Hollywood takes place next Tuesday, is FREE, and features the combined musical might of Everest, The Transmissions, and The Bentleys.

Here's a quick look at what to expect from the event -- our monthly indie rock play date where we attempt to pair you up for some quality rumpus time with some of the best in local music...

And here are a few links to previous coverage on the groups playing the night:

Mini-Interview: Everest -- "We're all such different musicians. We each bring something completely different to the table, and the blend is my favorite thing."

Mini-Interview: The Transmissions -- "We truly are a weird hybrid monster of influences. We all have occasional cross-over favorites like Talking Heads or Stereolab, but each of us are really into particular artists that the others know nothing about or just don't care for much. "

Band Of The Week: The Bentleys -- "If you suffer from indie pop addiction, you should probably ask your doctor if San Fernando Valley’s The Bentleys are right for you…"

For more details on the show and MP3s for all three bands, go right here.

Video by Mouse and poster by Christine Hale.


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