Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Let's Independent: The Aftermath

Many thanks to everyone who came out to Let's Independent! last night with The Bentleys, The Transmissions, and Everest at Boardner's. And though I've already thanked all the bands several times each, let me do it again because not only were they fantastic, everyone was just ridiculously fucking nice...

I'd have to give The Bentleys the Spirit Award for an especially upbeat set in general, but specifically the enormously fun and loud performance of their song B Sharps (one of my favorite tracks from them), while Christian from The Transmissions played guitar with such complete and utter abandon that even the chattiest people in back had to perk up and pay attention.

And Everest? Hellfire. That was one of the best sets I've ever seen at Boardner's. Afterwards, people seemed to walk around kind of dazed by how good it was and, if they could form complete sentences, kept repeating as much, to me and each other.

And I swear... I somehow mistakenly thought that hearing their song Rebels & Roses live might exorcise it from my mind, but it's rooted there even more firmly now and I hear it constantly. (That's one of those good problems to have, actually.)

Such an excellent crowd, too. Lots of great folks out, including The LA Times' Kevin Bronson, Surfing On Steam's Scott Macdonald, Mouse from Classical Geek Theatre, both Square Girls (Marion and Kristen), Octavius and Fred from KXLU Demo Listen; photographers Sterling Andrews, Jeff Koga, and Simon Cardoza; and members of The Poor Excuses, The Henry Clay People, Tandemoro, Mospeada, Death To Anders, Radars To The Sky, The Watson Twins, Karin Tatoyan and The Western States Motel.

I'd also like to thank our superstar sound guy Lenny, Everest's awesome manager Robert Cappadona, and everyone who helped promote the event. Muchas gracias!

Hope to have pics and video to add soon...


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