Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Let's Independent! Tonight: The Minor Canon, Luke Top, & (((eagle winged palace)))

Just one final reminder about our FREE show tonight with the smarty pop line-up of The Minor Canon, Luke Top, and ((eagle winged palace))) at Boardner's of Hollywood. Read all the details and hear tracks from all three acts right here.

Here are some links to interviews we've done with the groups in the past, as well as some MP3s.

The Minor Canon - "We had to, sort of, claw our way through this record. Recording in different studios on the cheap, at my apartment in Silver Lake, and at a high school auditorium in Burbank. We were trying to spend money as wisely as possible."

DOWNLOAD: It Never Was MP3

Luke Top - "My band has been blessed with many talented friends. It always seems to come together very naturally. We've had the same solid lineup for a while now and its been great. Some of the guys I've been playing with practically my whole life."

DOWNLOAD: Lord, Save Me From This Valley MP3

(((eagle winged palace))) - "The basic concept for EWP is centered around Old California. The themes, the instrumentation, the spirits are all connected to that, and originally I found some kinship in friends who I'd hope may help play some stringed instrument here, sing a lead vocal there."

DOWNLOAD: Hand of Doom MP3

Rad poster by Christine Hale.


Blogger t.rex said...

if i was in town (i am in cincinnati for my grandfather's funeral), i would be here tonight. i am so very proud of you, mr. fielder! flavorpill wrote you quite the encomium today.

3:46 PM  

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