Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Some Quick Random News Bits...

As the headline implies, here are some quick local music news bits -- some of which have been gleaned from half-remembered, drunken conversations and may be dated and/or quite possibly completely incorrect…

Thailand’s new EP should be available late next month… Princeton just released a new EP and will be the Monday night residency at The Silver Lake Lounge in July… Wait.Think.Fast. are recording… The Black Pine have been recording a new album with Raymond Richards at Rocket Red Glare and Andrew (The Poor Excuses) Lynch and Aaron (Earlimart) Espinoza at The ShipThe Western States Motel are planning a digital EP release for next month and recently debuted their new backing band… Former WSM-bandmates Tandemoro are recording new material… The Coral Sea are about to go into the studio… Foreign Born are putting together a new album… Earlimart’s new album comes out on July 1st… Le Switch’s debut album should be ready during one of the night’s of their Monday night residency next month at The EchoSignal Hill are hitting the studio on May 15th to record their full length album… Division Day are working on new songs… The Lights From Here have some new tracks up on their myspace page and should have their new album done by June… and The Minor Canon are about to work on a second album and are getting several new members.


Blogger Unknown said...

to add to the mess..

FTO is mastering a 6 song release next weekend with Mark Chaleki. Planning on a immediate web / and eventual physical release show.

more soon..

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