Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Reminder: Helio Sequence, Wait Think Fast, & Talkdemonic on Thursday

We have three more pairs of tickets for Thursday night's show with Helio Sequence, Wait Think Fast, and Talkdemonic. Just message us here with your full name if you're 21+ and haven't won anything from us in the last sixty days to be entered in the drawing.

If you haven't seen Portland space pop duo Helio Sequence live before, you, well, just really fucking should. And locals Wait Think Fast are dreamy and poppy and good. (I don't know Talkdemonic at all, but their name reminds me of the 80s horror flick Evilspeak w/ Ron Howard's brother...)


Blogger Dane Sundseth said...

talkdemonic is great! i used to see them all the time in eugene and portland. cool instrumental duo. i'm bummed i have to miss this one.

2:05 PM  

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