Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Reminder: Buzz Bands Show on Little Radio Tonight

Just a reminder that I’m going to be joining Kevin Bronson on his Buzz Bands show on Little Radio tonight from 6 – 8 PST. We’ll be playing music, talking about stuff, and, since the FCC has no authority over us, drinking and swearing up a storm.

I’ve got a pile of demo, soon-to-be-released, and newly-released tracks from some of local favorites, including The Happy Hollows, The Soft Hands, Amnion, One Trick Pony, Automatic Drawing, The French Semester, Tigers Can Bite You, Light FM, The Savages, Shiloe, Signal Hill, Tenlons Fort, The Poor Excuses, Marvelous Toy, The Sweet Hurt, The Western States Motel, Nightfur, Super Karma, Earlimart, Rademacher, Eagle & Talon, and more.

At least, we’ll see how much we can cram into two hours… (Kevin will probably want to play something, too.)

Tune in right here.


Blogger biffington said...

Tunnelmental Experimental Asssembly.
we are free and we like the radio, I used to live in Silverlake. we played at Spaceland in july. listen to us, we have something to say. watch us we are something to see. no, really try it on, it will suit you.

3:43 PM  
Blogger L. Hunter said...

wish I could have caught this.. I thoroughly enjoyed the Demo Listen take over a while back..

3:18 AM  

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