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Bands to Watch Out For in 2009: The Band Edition

In the second of our three articles on The Future of Music Here and Abroad, we asked a bunch of bands who they think people should look out for in the world of aught nine. Here are the results.

Pauline Lay – Divisadero (& booker at Pehrspace)

I've been thinking about the first quarter of 2009 for the last two months... Guaranteed, there are lots of future shows booked with wonderful bands I really enjoy--both as musicians and genuine people. Hmm, maybe there'll be some shows in new spaces? No promises.

I heard from the source that the Red Maids recorded some songs a few months ago up in San Francisco. Everyone should listen to their album when they finish it cos it'll be above and beyond beautiful if their current myspace recordings are any indication. Kenneth Pattengale performed at the Bessie Smith night and it was pretty darn good (the sibilant sounds of "who is he?" all around the room)--he has a release on Milan Records coming out in January.

Sarah Negahdari – The Happy Hollows

Bands to look out for would be..hhmm..many of the ones I mentioned above...Johnny Foreigner from the UK, and from LA, definitely The Pity Party, Death to Anders, Eagle and Talon, The Transmissions, One Trick Pony, The Widow Babies, The Movies, The Henry Clay People, The Soft many more... I know I am forgetting many whom I adore...

Mike Corwin – Red Maids

New albums from Fascinoma, Correatown, Liz Pappademas, Dorian Wood, Killsonic, Jack Wilson Jr, and Red Maids.

Matthew Teardrop – Manhattan Murder Mystery

The homeless guy I mentioned before before does painting and stand-up comedy
too so he's certainly worth keeping an eye out for in 2009.

Also I like Shirley Rolls a lot.

Wendy Wang – The Sweet Hurt

Castledoor and Juliette Commagere.

Andrew – The Temporary Thing

Keep an eye out for all those bands with wolves and foxes and bears and deers and all those other creatures that belong in the forest in their name, in fact pretty much the whole animal collective.

The guys from Pizza!

Fol Chen is going to become much bigger than they are now, most likely. Big Whup is going to have a rad year too. Don't expect much out of the Avant-Garde Volkpenis.

Riaz - The French Semester

Avi Buffalo, Radar Bros., The Mumlers, Cuttiiins.

Evan Way – The Parson Redheads

Well, I think Flashing Red Lights, one of our fav local bands, is putting out a record in 2009, maybe. That will be great. Blitzen Trapper is recording another full length (already). So that will be REALLY exciting. And I know that Henry Clay People are going to explode. So catch em while you can.

Josiah Mazzaschi – Light FM

The Black Kites, Pity Party, Space Mtn, The Movies, CRAFT Club.

Claire Mc Keown – Dirt Bird & Afternoons

Crooked Cowboy, Captain and Holland, and So Many Wizards. Billygoat. Good stuff.

Jacob Summers – The Rhone Occupation

Automatic Drawing is really a great band, they've got some amazing material, so hopefully someone will pick up on that and get it out there. Of course, I'm a huge fan of The Hidden Hooks. I haven't seen any show lined up, but if they get out there -- that could be huge -- amazing songs.

Jesse & Lindsay - The Karabal Nightlife

We would recommend that people watch out for the awesome Shiloe. And our new favorite, C-horse. We are also really looking forward to the new album from Nightfur.

Karma – Super Karma

People should keep an eye on Pale Young Gentleman.

Jason Bays – The Spires

Neon Hand and The Petty Jibes.

Matt - Princeton

Wavves is a more obvious band to keep an eye on, but some LA bands are Fol Chen and Music Go Music. Also keep an eye on The Sleeping Bags to take over the LA shoegaze scene.

Ken & Melissa - Shiloe

- The Karabal Nightlife! Ken is recording their new full-length and the songs are really, really good. People are going to take notice of this one in a big way.
-Divisible. Their recent performance at the Bordello was awesome, and the new songs are fantastic. Keep an eye out for their new album.
-Full-lengths from Summer Darling and Kissing Cousins! Yay!

Jason Brown - Nightfur

The Karabal Nightlife has a new album on the way that should be really cool.


Blogger by Joanna DeVoe said...

Are you kidding me? All of the bands here are GREAT, but most of them are already quite popular and frequently featured in the local press/bogs.

By my estimation, the bands to look out for in '09 are gonna be a part of the next batch coming up &, if you're one of those people who has to know what's up before everyone else does, you should check out...

Stab City

Obedient Waves

Spider Problem

Tall Hands

Dharma Bums

Lightnin' Woodcock

The Meemies


The Panderers (not local & freshly signed, but couldn't resist)

8:45 AM  

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