Friday, January 30, 2009

REMINDER: Radars to the Sky, Fol Chen, & Light FM on Sunday

Just wanted to give one last reminder about this Sunday night's Rock Against HD Benefit show at Spaceland with Radars to the Sky, Fol Chen, and Light FM. If you haven't heard one or more or all of the bands before, you've been missing out. Here are linked excerpts to interviews we've done with the bands in the past w/ some MP3s:

LIGHT FM -- "I guess it's ironic that the music is pretty upbeat and the lyrics are dark. The same with our name. A lot of people think [our name implies] we sound like Celine Dion but we are a much heavier indie rock band. I guess I don't like being labeled. I like being mysterious. A lot of people think our shows are being sponsored by a soft rock station when our name is on the Marquee. I think that's why I really like our band name because you can't really put a finger on us. I have ADD so my attention span is all over the place.....kind of like our music."

DOWNLOAD: Try 2 Keep You Happy MP3

RADARS TO THE SKY -- "When I got to college, I met these guys that were into Pavement and Sonic Youth and The Pixies, etc. Really blew my mind. But the real moment was seeing Archers of Loaf - to realize that music could be so big and momentous and intricate and creative and raw and powerful and, well, rocking, without resorting to any of the cliches or lazy songwriting of metal or grunge that was dominant at the time was really a revelation."

DOWNLOAD: Long Walk Home MP3

FOL CHEN -- "Fol Chen will spend the first half of 2009 finishing up the construction of the FC Pyramid (see attached image). There has been a lot of red tape to deal with. The deadlines. Total bullshit. Anyway, the thing about the FCP-1 is that it will allow us to broadcast from the legendary WLIR-FM, though that station has been off the air for years, and was located in Garden City, Long Island, New York. Still working out the details on this, but we've run some tests and it's looking good."


Rad poster by Christine Hale.


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