Thursday, March 05, 2009

New Band Alert: Blue Jungle

By Marion Hodges

Anyone who knows me even a little bit probably wouldn't be too surprised to learn that it took a post on a Seattle based, often indiepop focused blog for me to learn about my new L.A. band obsession. Blue Jungle formed in 2007 as a project of multi-instrumentalist (and vocalist) Lately Blu Blu, and guitarist Nosebleed. Over the course of time they've expanded to become a five-piece. I honestly can't believe that I am just getting around to hearing them now.

I think their sound could best be described as a sort of desaturated dreamy pop. I saw the movie Medicine for Melancholy last week which took straightforward color shots of a beautiful city (San Francisco) and then carefully drained most of the color out to create a warm black and white look with only splashes of muted color here and there. The effect was gorgeous, and ultimately quite intriguing. I can't help thinking that Blue Jungle creates a similar effect with their music. These songs could be straightforward, full of vibrant colors, and be just as beautiful and exciting. Instead, they've presented something that is slightly less expected, and ultimately more rewarding.

I simply can't stop listening to the song Los Angeles. This likely has quite a bit to do with the fact that the intro reminds me A LOT of my favorite Galaxie 500 song, Oblivious, but the Blue Jungle song changes direction too quickly for this be obvious on the first listen, then when it reappears a later points in the song there is already far to much else going on for you to really notice. And while a band like Galaxie 500 might not be the most obvious reference point here, they do share a similar mysterious yet inviting quality that will surely leave you wanting more. Because of their endlessly cool sounding lead singer Lately Blu Blu, and dark, shadowy sounding recording techniques you can easily imagine that they are right at home playing shows at The Smell, and sure enough they will be there with Jail Weddings on April 3rd, and for those of you who are Austin bound they will be playing The Smell's showcase (my personal highlight from last year's festival) at South by Southwest. However, If you simply can't wait that long (or if even so much as the idea of standing alone in a room full of seventeen year-olds who are cooler than you could ever possibly dream of being automatically makes you feel really awkward) then you should definitely make a point to catch Blue Jungle at Pehrspace this Saturday, March 7th. The always fun Health Club will be along for support, and I'll be playing some records between sets from the bands.

They have vinyl (that includes digital download codes) for sale as well. I imagine that you will be able to pick up a copy of Baby Don't Cry at the show on Saturday, or you can buy it right this second, here.


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