Tuesday, March 14, 2006

New Releases Tuesday (3/14)

Nicolai Dunger - Here Is My Song You Can Have It I Don't Want It (Zoe Records)
The Swedish music scene has brought the world many great pop acts over the years and has recently been a hotbed for edgy indie rock. But Sweden has not been known for introducing amazing singer-songwriters to the world. Until now. Enter Nicolai Dunger, a former professional soccer player who was discovered by a producer while he sang on a balcony in his hometown and gave up his sports career to pursue his passion for music...Nicolai is a tremendous talent whose voice recalls the joyful pastoral soul of vintage Van Morrison and the melancholy crooning of both Tim and Jeff Buckley. On his latest relesase, Nicolai is backed by the mighty Mercury Rev. Dunger's aching melodies and soulful vocals mesh with Mercury Rev's dreamy yet driving sound seamlessly and with an ease that reflects the fun the musicians had playing together.

Devo - Devo 2.0 (Disney)
What the hell is this garbage???? This is sacrilege!!

The original members of Devo rerecorded ten of their old songs (some with revamped lyrics) and two brand new ones with Devo 2.0, a group of five talented kids aged 10 to 13...Devo is one of my favorite bands," Buena Vista Music Group EVP & GM David Agnew said in a recent interview. "I think their music was years ahead of its time--and is timeless... it's playful and great to dance to, which is the key to any good kids' music. When you consider that Disney has been responsible for some of the most popular children's music of all time, and that most people trust Disney to bring them music that is appropriate for their kids, it seemed like a winning combination to me."


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