Thursday, December 14, 2006

Band of the Week: The Spires

My friend George from Complicated Dance Steps described The Spires pretty succinctly in his November post: “I know nothing of this band but they are really making me sad right now and that is a good thing.”

This boy-girl act from Ventura creates pleasantly melancholy pop music that takes from (but doesn’t bite off of) such acts as The Smiths, Robyn Hitchcock, and Lou Reed. It’s pretty empathetic stuff, happy if you’re happy, sad with you, if you’re sad. But in the end? Just really good

That’s what people kept stopping by and saying to me when the band was playing our Let’s Independent! event at Boardner’s last month. They’d walk up during their set, grab me by the arm, and mouth those words, eyebrows scrunched up in seriousness. Then for days afterwards, people kept telling and writing me the exact same thing. Everyone. Exactly. The. Same. Thing.

The Spires have two EPs and an album out on Beehouse Records --- the Sky Sky EP just came out – and you can find them all for sale here.

DOWNLOAD: I Know Less Than I Did From The Start


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