Monday, March 05, 2007

The Monday Show Low Down (Or "Based On Actual Events What Really Happened")

So, I've been watching a lot of the first season of Six Feet Under and playing a lot of Dead Rising on the Xbox 360, so I feel like I’ve practically been confronting death on, like, a regular basis.

That doesn’t really have anything to do with anything, I just was blanking on a good intro again and didn’t feel like putting in the work to try to connect it in any way, shape, or form to something else.

But, this week? Oh, the shows you’ll see…

- The Airborne Toxic Event, Radars to the Sky, Low vs Diamond, & The Happy Hollows @ The Echo (Free)
- The Henry Clay People, Dusty Rhodes and the River Band, & Price @ The Troubadour (Free)
- Berko, The Panda Band, & Langhome Slim @ Spaceland (Free)
- Buffalo Roam & Castle Door @ The Silver Lake Lounge (Free)
- The No Show @ The Knitting Factory
- Great Northern, The Front, & The Pity Party @ The Viper Room

This is a decision that each man or woman is going to have to make for his or herself. I mean, I love Great Northern live. I’ve seen them play about six or seven times now and I swear that they get better every time. And The Pity Party are a force to be reckoned with on-stage.

But I really enjoy The Airborne Toxic Event’s rock musics, Radars to the Sky have tons of off-kilter charm and really deliver live, and The Happy Hollows are always super fun.

And both shows are free? I love LA.

- Young Knives & Lo-Fi-Fink @ Safari Sam’s
- Albert Hammond Jr & Mooney Suzuki @ The El Rey
- Corazon County, US Mail Band, Gwendolyn, Langhorne Slim, & Mike Stinson @ Molly Malone’s
- Lemon Sun, Saint Motel, & Nico Vega @ The Troubadour
- Family Tree Analog @ The Scene

I’m not really familiar with anyone playing tonight. But, Albert Hammond Jr is the guitar player for The Strokes and people seem to like Lemon Sun.

- Young Knives @ Spaceland
- Skyscraper Foundation, The Henry Clay People, Cosio, & Golden Arms @ The Silver Lake Lounge
- Que Sera @ Club Moscow at Boardner’s
- The Distants, Midway, The Mulhollands & The Sirens @ Safari Sam’s
- Albert Hammond, Jr @ Amoeba Music (Free)
- Bright Eyes, Vetiver, & Whispertown @ The El Rey Theatre (Sold-out)

I’m going to finally try to catch The Henry Clay People live this Wednesday. I’ve meant to forever, but somehow life just keeps getting in the way.

- Saturday Looks Good To Me, Ladyhawke, Bright Light Fever, & Chris Bathgate @ Spaceland
- Kind Hearts & Coronets @ The Knitting Factory
- Bright Eyes, Vetiver, & Annie Stela @ The El Rey Theatre (Sold-out)

Saturday Looks Good To Me are one of my favorite bands, so we’re helping promote this one. If you haven’t heard them before, they’re a mix of modern indie pop and 60s Wall of Sound, and their lead Fred Thomas is pretty much embarrassingly talented.

- Earlimart @ The Getty
- The Deadly Syndrome, To Live and Die in LA, The Cassettes, & Cavil At Rest @ El Cid
- Razorlight @ The El Rey
- Lion Fever @ Mountain Bar
- Sebadoh @ The Troubadour

I’ve got my tickets to Earlimart at The Getty, where they’re going to play a lot of their upcoming album ... with strings! I can’t quite explain how much I’m looking forward to this one.

- Menomena & The Parson Redheads @ The Echo
- And A Few To Break @ The Good Hurt (West LA)
- needle @ Room 5
- Sebadoh @ Spaceland

You’ve got to admit that it’d be pretty great to see Sebadoh at Spaceland

- Viva Voce & The Village Green @ The Echo
- Panther @ The Smell
- The Natural Disasters @ The Cocaine at Live Jazz
- Divsadero, Policy, The Davin Givhan Band, & One Trick Pony @ The Eagle Rock Bowling and Drinking Club at All-Star Lanes
- The Mountain Goats @ The El Rey

I’m out of town that day or else would be going to The Eagle Rock Bowling and Drinking Club at All-Star Lanes to catch the unique-plus-cool One Trick Pony.

That's it. Did I miss anything? Lemme know.

Here are a few bands that I’ve added to the show calendar: The Decemberists, Frog Eyes, The Little Ones, Lion Fever, Monsters Are Waiting, Kind Hearts and Coronets, The Brobecks, Divsadero, Policy, The Davin Givhan Band, One Trick Pony, Land of Ill Earthquakes, The Henry Clay People, Enid the Dowl, Lions of Panshir, Hello Menno, C is for Carlo The Spires, The Henry Clay People, Teaneck, Quazar and the Bamboozled, The Electrolytes, Death to Anders, Lucinda and the Lost Dogs, Service Group, Casxio, The Briggs, The Trucks, Eagle & Talon, Low vs. Diamond, Fionn Regan, Children Collide, Jamie T, Airborne, Wolf and Cub, The Hard Lessons, Dynamite Walls, Molecules, Get Cape Wear Cape Fly, Daniel Ahern, Man Man, Que Sera, The New Motherfuckers, Fifty on Their Heel, The New Collapse, Giant Haystacks, and Clutch. (See the right-hand column for dates and venues.)

Oh, and Brian at Queen City Independent is doing a Sebadoh ticket giveaway. Go check it out.

- Mini-Interview: The Airborne Toxic Event
- Band of the Week: Saturday Looks Good to Me
- Mini-Interview: Fred Thomas
- Mini-Interview: Earlimart


Blogger silverlakefreeradio said...

hey joe, family tree analog sound like adventurous EVOL-era sonic youth. aka awesome.

3:05 PM  
Blogger Kampy said...

great site. will be back here often i think. I myself am gonna hit Bright Eyes tonight, and Menomena on Saturday.

And hey, you need to add West Indian Girl @ Spaceland 3/24 to your calendar. I know a lot of peeps that are excited about that one. check out this thread:

2:59 PM  

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