Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Video Free Silver Lake: Blonde Redhead, Carina Round, & The Besnard Lakes

I've decided that either there needs to be an extra four hours added onto each day or that the human body needs to learn to get by adequately on only four hours sleep, because I don't know how anyone can possibly fit work, life, and fun into a normal twenty-four hour schedule.

Maybe I need to move somewhere farther away from the sun...

Anyway, here are a few videos I've come across in the last week. This first one's for the title track of Blonde Redhead's recent album 23. It's pretty goddamn dreamy.

And here's a video from UK chanteuse Carina Round for the song Down Slow, which makes her look pretty lazy b/c she spends its entirety in bed. She's playing The Viper Room next Monday.

And I tried to find a video by The Besnard Lakes after everyone's kept talking about them after they played in town recently, but all I came across was this clip of their track Disaster set to, no joke, pictures of Keira Knightley. Both funny and sad, but I fucking love the song...


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