Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Band of the Week: Ferraby Lionheart

I’m not sure if Ferraby Lionheart has a heart as big as all outdoors, but his music sure makes it seem like it. The LA singer/song-writer makes friendly, jangly pop that frequently elicits images of him strumming a guitar on the back of an old pick-up truck that's bouncing down a bumpy, dusty country road.

I’m late to the plate as far as Ferraby goes – Jax over at Rock Insider has been singing his praises for some time now – but I guess this write-up still precedes the release of his upcoming full-length album, Catch The Brass Ring, which is due out Tuesday, September 4th.

As Jax recently pointed out, there’s a three-song preview of it on his myspace page. Here are a few videos and downloadable tracks of songs off of his great EP, while we wait for more.

- The Ballad of Gus and Sam
- Tickets To Crickets
- Won't Be Long

Ferraby Lionheart's next show in LA is on Wednesday, June 20th at The Hotel Café.


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