Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Band of the Week: The Devils Romantics

LA act The Devils Romantics describe themselves as an “angular group which marries no-wave aesthetics to post-rock deconstruction,” which kind of makes you think more of math than music.

Me? I’d say they’re super melodic, have overlapping male and female vocal interplay, and possess a tendency to occasionally rock the fuck out ... but I’m generally lazy and/or unskilled at describing band’s sounds, so maybe we’re saying exactly the same thing. Download the great track below and you can judge for your own damn self.

They have two EPs currently available currently – the Birds EP features vocals by Eagle & Talon’s Kim Talon – and are working on a third with singer Adeline Park from the band Adeline. Lead Mike Corwin also contributes to other bands like Lucinda and The Lost Dogs and worked on Adeline’s recent album, David Givhan also has his own solo-act, and drummer Noah
Harmon plays bass in The Airborne Toxic Event.

The Devils Romantics play out next at The Eagle Rock Bowling and Drinking Club on Sundays, June 24th and July 1st, and then at Pehrspace on Sunday, July 14th.

- Signature MP3


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