Thursday, June 07, 2007

The Midweek Show Update: Cold War Kids, The Little Ones, The Octopus Project, & More

I'd like to officially announce the line-up for our next Let's Independent! event at Boardner's on Tuesday, June 26th... It's a night of great and disparate indie pop with Frankel, Tandemoro, and Bedroom Walls and it's FREE. You can listen to and download tracks from all three bands right here.

Radio Free Silver Lake is also helping present a night at The Echo on Saturday, June 30th with Radars to The Sky, Tigers Can Bite You, The Henry Clay People, and Molecules. Both line-ups kind of start and then restart my heart in a way that seems at once dangerous and exciting.

And don't forget to come out to Little Radio Summer Camp this Sunday from noon to six at their downtown warehouse, where there's fun in the sun, cheap margaritas and a vegan BBQ grill, bands like The Little Ones will be playing, and I'll be DJing for about half of it. (It's $10 now, by the way. Long story that I don't know the full details of.)

Check the right-hand column to find venues and dates for all the following bands that we've added to our concert calendar: Cold War Kids, The Little Ones, The Northern Two, Marvelous, Radars to The Sky, Tigers Can Bite You, The Henry Clay People, Molecules, Rob Crow (of Pinback), Johnny and The Moon (w/ Dante Decaro of Wolf Parade), Manic, I See Hawks In LA, The Chapin Sisters, My Brightest Diamond, Rasputina, Mike Andrews, Jessica Hoop, The Polyphonic Spree, Girls Against Boys, The Shout Out Louds, Buffalo Tom, Maximo Park, Monsters Are Waiting, The Magic Numbers, Burning Brides, Nebula, Sasquatch, Black Fur, Qui, Sabertooth Tiger, Alarma, Lion of Panjshir, Hecuba, Lemon Sun, Scissors For Lefty, Zach Steel, Xu Xu Fang, Buckfast, Austin James Band, Nightfur, The Pity Party, The Long Blondes, Nicole Atkins & The Sea, Acute, Jesse Malin, Wild Birds, Norah Jones, M. Ward, Gran Ronde, El-Haru Kuroi, The Digits, Veefkind, The Devil's Romantics, The Mamasuki, The Keys, Health, - David Lowering, Mellodrone, Meho Plaza, The Octopus Project, The Noisettes, 8-Bit, Rademacher, Dead Ponies, Holy Curtain, The Karabal Nightlife, Cat Fur, My Pet Saddle, Kind Hearts & Coronets, Io Echo, The Karabal Nightlife, The Mother Hips, Brothers and Sisters, Springtime is Wartime, and Regime Noir.


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