Thursday, December 06, 2007

Band Of The Week: Amnion

A studio musician for the likes of Elliott Smith and Jane’s Addiction, Aaron Embry’s been sharing demo recordings of his own work for about ten years with just friends and KXLU’s Demo Listen before recently starting to play out with wife Nikki and others under the name Amnion.

Their performances at Bordello, Hotel Café, and Pehrspace have won accolades from LA Underground and Octavius from Demo Listen sings their praises often. (You can download their stellar live set on the show right here.) And it’s little surprise because it’s rare when a singer-songwriter can sit down at a keyboard and simply command your attention the way he does on tracks like A Ton and Praise God 4 The Light Within Me.

The band’s somewhat trippy side is apparent both in their music and the messaging on their wonderfully messy myspace page, which notes “iF yOu are a PigeOn of the fUture, please carry us h Om e. Thhis music is a wWwanderingWwwAndererrr l(o)(o)king for the Angel of Wwater. fOund tEN fountains in your AurA!!” (Say that out-loud and it may well initiate a flashback...)

The group are opening up our next FREE Let’s Independent! event at Boardner’s with Castledoor and The Flying Tourbillon Orchestra, so it’s well worth showing up promptly at nine to make sure to catch them play that night.

- A Ton MP3


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Rockin. It makes me want a piano.

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