Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Video Free Silver Lake: The Spires, Lo-Fi Sugar, & One AM Radio

The way I figure it, you don't need too much of an intro for a post that contains three fairly disparate music videos. You just need to fill up all the blank space next to the attached random picture so the formatting looks nice...

The first clip is for The Spires, who remain one of my favorite bands in the area ... though they're out of Ventura, so they're kind of extended family. (They're playing with The Coral Sea and The Western States Motel this Saturday out at The Mercury Lounge in Goleta, if you too live out of town or like road trips.)

Then, there's Hrishikesh from One AM Radio's little lo-fi stop motion video for the instrumental track A Brittle Filament, from the album This Too Will Pass.

And finally there's Lo-Fi Sugar's new video, which features copious use of werewolves and shotguns and mittens and hats.


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