Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Let's Independent! w/ Amnion, Fol Chen, & Princeton

Tonight's the night of our latest FREE Let's Independent! event at Boardner's of Hollywood with Princeton, Fol Chen, and Amnion, so this is the last chance for me to plug the show, which promises to be more fun than your fragile human body can contain. (And again, it's $3 Dewar's all night, if, y'know, you like alcohol.)

Here are links to previous interviews with the bands, plus some videos and MP3s.

PRINCETON - "The second we bought guitars we wanted to start a band. The problem was, we sucked... I remember, I could barely play a d chord and Ben would write all the songs on keyboards and I couldn't sing in tune. It was just horrendous. And we would be so excited when we finished a song and would run to our parents to play it. They would always be very encouraging, but it must have been just awful..."

DOWNLOAD: The Indifference Curve MP3

FOL CHEN - "But before we overplay the 'mystery' stuff too much, and people start thinking that we're actually moonlighting from Foghat or that we have a completely delusional sense of our own importance, I gotta say that the idea of changing our name and trying to be hush-hush about what band we used to be in clearly isn't a case of 'We got so damn famous that we couldn't enjoy our foie gras-powered yachts and indoor hot-air balloon races because of all the limelight.'"


AMNION - "Life is Magic and Art is LIfe, so LIVing would inadvertently tap into something! ... Ultimately, music isn't the point. Love is what we're aiming for."

DOWNLOAD: prAisegOd4theLIGHTwWwthNMe MP3

And, yes, it's another rad flier by Christine Hale.


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