Monday, March 03, 2008

The Monday Show Low Down (Or "Freak Out In A Moonage Daydream...")

Let me tell you: I am infinitely fucking charmed by loud music and drunken stumbling and byob art galleries and old guys who own curious record stores and malt liquor energy drinks and candy cigarettes and running into people on the street who have played jesus christ in made-for-tv movies.

When they all come together at once, it feels just like home and I love it with a heart like the sun...

Here’s what this week is looking like in local music:

Monday, March 3
- Warpaint, Micky Adams, & Eagle Winged Palace @ Bordello
- The Airborne Toxic Event & The Henry Clay People @ The Troubadour (SOLD OUT)
- Voxhaul Broadcast, Cavil at Rest, Saint Motel, & Working for a Nuclear Free City @ Spaceland (FREE)
- Chapin Sisters, Gemma Hayes, & Blanket @ The Echo (FREE)
- Bob Adams & Thirsty Boots, Layne, Artichoke Heart Souffle, & Mike Frease @ The Scene
- The Chinese Stars, Vultures, & Ima Gymnist @ The Smell
- Fair to Midland w/ Death by Stereo, Alternate Sounds of Life, Middle Class Rut @ The El Rey
- Moving Picture Show, Derek, Halet, & Ed Vallence @ The Silver Lake Lounge (FREE)
- Lemon Sun @ the Key Club
- Magnetic Fields @ The Henry Fonda

Tonight’s show at The Troubadour with The Airborne Toxic Event and The Henry Clay People is sold-out, so I hope you bought tickets in advance.

If you didn't, I don’t know any of the bands playing the free residencies (though will likely see The Chapin Sisters when they play with Everest next week), but mean to check out Eagle Winged Palace, the new band from some of the folks from The Prix.

Tuesday, March 4
- Amnion, Luke Top, & Layer @ Spaceland
- These Are Powers @ The Echo
- The Raveonettes @ The El Rey
- The Red Hearts @ Safari Sam's
- Aushua, Reeve Oliver, & Buck Brothers @ The Key Club
- Robedoor, Lemon Bear, The Endless Bummer, & Darylalexander @ The Smell
- It’s Casual, Dead Ponies, Prick and the Burn, & The Deepsea Goes @ The Scene
- The Vacation, Thee Emergency, Thee LA Gentlemen Callers, & Blackbird and The Feather'd People @ The Silver Lake Lounge
- The Mountain Goats w/ Jeffrey Lewis & The Jitters @ The Troubadour

The Mountain Goats are great, but should you go see them on Tuesday or Wednesday? Well, Amnion and Luke Top are at Spaceland on Tuesday…

Wednesday, March 5
- Indie 103 Presents CLUB NME with Howlin Rain @ Spaceland
- Sugar And Gold, Bachelorette, & Patria Jacobs @ Bordello
- Hackensaw Boys & Restaurant @ Tangier
- Dub Club @ Echoplex
- Jeremy Jay @ Three Of Clubs
- These Are Powers, Teenage Moms, Bipolar Bear, Ima Gymnist @ The Smell
- Inazuma, The Blessings, Thee Emergency, The Echos @ The Scene
- KCRW Presents: Duke Spirit, Afternoons, & The Prayers @ The Echo
- Hello Dragon, The Hard To Get, Shiloe, & Black Kites @ The Silver Lake Lounge
- The Mountain Goats w/ Jeffrey Lewis & The Jitters @ The Troubadour

Again, the Mountain Goats are great, but should you go see them on Tuesday or Wednesday? Well, the Afternoons are opening for Duke Spirit at Spaceland, Jeremy Jay is at The Three Of Clubs, and the line-up at The Silver Lake Lounge is comprised of several bands you’ve probably been meaning to check out…

Thursday, March 6
- Super Karma @ La Casa Blue
- The Medicine Cabinet Presents Pink Mochi, Hazelden, Switchblade Kittens, & more @ All-Star Lanes
- Junior Boys (dj set) @ Spaceland
- The Start, Looner, & Bed Time For Toys @ The Crash Mansion
- Gran Ronde @ Viper Room
- Crystal Antlers, Paperplanes, Sonadora @ Alex's Bar
- Monotonix, Anavan, Bad Dudes, & David Scott Stone @ The Smell
- Lux & Vixen’s Burlesque-A-Go-Go w/ Schmuckerstar, & The Weazels @ The Scene
- The Good Listeners, Bachelorette, The Golden Ratio, & United By Sound @ The Silver Lake Lounge
- Die Princess Die, Tweak Bird, & A Thousand Knives @ Sixth & Alameda
- Nicole Atkins & Let's Go Sailing @ The Troubadour
- Twilight Sleep, Restaurant, Karin Tatoyan @ The Echo

Thursday night is all about Twilight Sleep and Karin Tatoyan playing together. Should be all kinds of fun.

Friday, March 7
- Rademacher, The Hectors, Birdmonster, & Tigers Can Bite You @ Pehrspace
- Club Underground w/ Die Die Die, My Best Friend, Rainbow Arabia @ The Echo
- Leslie and the Lys, Devon Williams, DJ Lance Rock @ Echoplex
- Why? & Yacht @ The Natural History Museum
- Amateurs, The Terrapin, The Flying Tourbillion Orchestra, The Monolators @ Mr. T's Bowl
- Mospeada, Happy Dwarf, & Walk In Medical @ Charlie O's
- Mt Eerie @ The Smell
- Delta Spirit & Port O'Brien @ The Troubadour
- The Human Value, The Breakups, Mike Monosky (The Pacific), & Seismic Waves @ The Scene
- KCRW Presents Division Day, The A-Sides, & The Coral Sea @ Spaceland

I never get tired of seeing Division Day play live and with The Coral Sea opening for them, it's like the show just got super-sized or something, and the line-up at Mr T's Bowl looks great, too.

But I'm also a huge fan of Rademacher, Tigers Can Bite You, and The Hectors, who are all playing TOGETHER at the BYOB-fabulous art space Pehrspace (and I will be djing between sets).

Saturday, March 8
- Rock Insider Presents Jax Pizza Party Birthday Matineee Show w/ The Dodos & The Oh Sees @ The Silver Lake Lounge
- Actress, Lovelikefire, Light FM, Fol Chen, & Nevenka @ Bordello
- Pela, Liam Finn, & The Heavenly States @ Spaceland
- Descarga! @ Echoplex
- She Sells Sea Shells, Vomit Bomb, Le Face, Audacity, Friendly Neighbors, Hug Parade @ The Cocaine
- Correatown, Slings, Lo-fi Sugar, Paul Avion @ Crane's Tavern
- The Mae Shi, Old Time Relijun, Thee Ohsees, & Clipd Beaks @ The Smell
- Performer Mag pres: The Transmissions, Spirit Vine, The Health Club, & Vaudeville @ The Scene
- Gil Mantera’s Party Dream, Mahjonng, & Lucy & The Popsonics @ The Echo
- Whispertown 2000, XYZ Affair, Bachelorette, & Murder On The Moon @ El Cid

If you like the rock, go to The Transmissions and Health Club or The Mae Shi. If you like the pop, see Light FM and Fol Chen. If you like Rock Insider, go to Jax’s b-day party! (The Dodos are amazing live.)

Sunday, March 9
- Wounded Lion, The Hands (Seattle) @ The Scene
- Record Swap Meet @ Echoplex
- Gang Wizard, xNoBBQx, Wildildlife, & Goliath Bird Eater @ The Smell
- Big Business, Red Fang, & The Cops @ Spaceland
- Grand Ol’ Echo kick off w/ The Blasters, Tony Gilkynson @ The Echo
- Crystal Castles & HEALTH @ the Roxy
- Part Time Punks Persents: New Blonds, Softboiled Eggies, & Magic Johnson @ The Echo
- Alex And Sam, Tara Busch, & Liz Pappademas @ Tangier

Jordan from Marvelous Toy speaks highly of Alex and Sam, who are performing on Sunday night with Tara Busch, who plays with a host of amazing old keyboards and theramins and what not.

That’s it. Did I miss anything? Please let me know


Blogger Malcolm Sosa said...

Sad to miss Jax's b-day party. You'll have to get my licks in for me, Fielder. I think it is 24 punches this year.

3:36 PM  
Blogger JAX said...

24 punches!?!?!?!! Man is that what they do instead of cake!!! awful way to grow up!

but fielder you really must come. I would be honored to have you at my pizza party bash!


12:14 AM  

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