Friday, March 07, 2008

Mini-Interview: Ferraby Lionheart

The name “Ferraby Lionheart” might sound like it belongs to some ancient fairy tale hero, but its namesake is actually a real and living modern day troubadour -- and one of this town’s best. If you haven’t heard him or seen him play yet, you'd do well to take the time to track him down.

We chatted recently through the power of The Internet about the future and the past.

RFSL (12:02:47 PM): Hello?
flionheart (12:33:06 PM): My comp died.
flionheart (12:33:10 PM): You there?
RFSL (12:37:02 PM): Back!
flionheart (12:37:15 PM): Yeah... Sorry had tech trouble.
RFSL (12:37:26 PM): I can be overly self-conscious at times, so I was like, "Was it something I said?!"
flionheart (12:37:43 PM): I was at Denny’s looking for a ticket to Sweden for a while and my computer died.
flionheart (12:37:57 PM): So now I’m at a café.
flionheart (12:38:07 PM): My internet at home isn’t working.
flionheart (12:38:29 PM): They don’t have an outlet at Denny’s.
RFSL (12:38:54 PM): Cool. Want to start?
flionheart (12:39:04 PM): Sure.
RFSL (12:39:39 PM): I'm going to go fairly way back... What did you start doing first: singing or playing music?
flionheart (12:40:57 PM): Hmm... I guess around the same time. I guess I started singing first, but not in a serious way. Just like anyone does.
RFSL (12:41:42 PM): How old were you?
flionheart (12:42:41 PM): I was around 14 when I started trying to play the guitar and sing.
flionheart (12:43:34 PM): When I was 11 my mom tried to make a singing duo out of my brother and me, but I didn’t know what I was doing.
flionheart (12:43:56 PM): Then I grew my hair long.
RFSL (12:44:11 PM): When did you start your current band?
flionheart (12:44:56 PM): My current band has revolving members but this sorta thing started around two years ago.
flionheart (12:45:48 PM): That is, the songs I play these days.
RFSL (12:46:12 PM): How did your first EP come together?
flionheart (12:47:23 PM): I was recording some songs at home and I started a myspace page to see what people thought of them.
RFSL (12:47:55 PM): They seem very personal, like a letter you've written to an ex. I guess I'm thinking of the song Crack In Time, specifically.

RFSL (12:48:40 PM): It's got an Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind feel to it... Wanting to go back and redo a relationship.
flionheart (12:51:58 PM): I had never tried writing intimate songs before... I know that might sound strange, but for some reason it didn’t interest me. but people seem to like that sort of thing.
flionheart (12:52:04 PM): Now I know.
RFSL (12:53:51 PM): There's a lot in your songs for people to relate to, in the case of that song I know it's kind of melancholy but wistful at the same time. A bit sad but optimistic at once.
RFSL (12:57:54 PM): How things were different writing and recording your album Catch A Brass Ring?
flionheart (1:01:57 PM): I made the ep alone in my apt... With CTBR, I had engineers and real studios and I invited other musicians to play.

flionheart (1:02:46 PM): Pretty different recording process, but the writing was the same.
RFSL (1:03:40 PM): What's your writing process like? Do you hide out on your own and work everything out or collaborate with others?
flionheart (1:05:29 PM): I write alone... I make audio sketches on a tape recorder.
flionheart (1:06:44 PM): I usually have a few songs I'm developing and the ones that sound memorable I finish
flionheart (1:07:32 PM): I wrote eleven songs for catch the brass ring. I don’t finish songs and then toss them.
RFSL (1:08:36 PM): What's next for you? New recordings? Another tour? A residency?
flionheart (1:10:36 PM): I just finished scoring my first movie. I'm going to Europe for a month to promote my album, then I guess I'll come back to the states and do some more touring. I'm writing for my next album, but don’t know what it’s gonna be like yet
RFSL (1:11:02 PM): What's the movie?
flionheart (1:12:24 PM): It’s a teen drama about a couple of kids working in a water park in the south.
RFSL (1:12:49 PM): Cool. What's it called? When is it due?
flionheart (1:13:53 PM): Its called Middle Of Nowhere. Don’t know the release date
RFSL (1:14:21 PM): What are you listening to these days?
flionheart (1:16:39 PM): I haven’t been listening to much... during the movie. mainly jazz
flionheart (1:22:31 PM): My friends in LA are incredible songwriters.. Simon Dawes, Charlie Wadhams, and Willoughby are all classic.
RFSL (1:23:28 PM): Right on. Well, that's all I've got for you. Thanks so much for all your time.
flionheart (1:24:44 PM): My pleasure.


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