Monday, March 10, 2008

The Monday Show Low Down (Or "Inspiration Gets Passed On Like A Baton In A Relay Race.")

Tried to pay especially close attention to updating the show schedule today since my laptop with all my bookmarks died last week... I think I managed to hit all the venue sites, but please let me know if I missed anything. Some good stuff these next seven days, which is kind of surprising since isn't this when SXSW is going on down south?

Oh, my. I just got the first instance of Rademacher's tour diary on their drive down to Austin, which unfortunately features me rambling on drunkenly and way too long while they were shining a REALLY FUCKING BRIGHT LIGHT in my face outside the show on Friday night at Pehrspace. (Very fun night, by the way.)

Anyway, here's what this week is looking like here:

Monday, March 10
- KCRW Presents Ed Harcourt, The Chapin Sisters, & Everest @ The Echoplex
- Le Switch @ Safari Sam's
- Cut Copy, Walter Meego, & Dj Paul V. @ The Echo
- Calls After Midnight, Warpaint, Black Swans, & Maryandi @ Bordello
- Twilight Sleep, Static Of The Gods, & Black Skies For Black Hearts @ The Silver Lake Lounge (FREE)
- Sean Carnage Presents The Amazements, NASA Space Universe, Night Wounds, Twin Crystals, & Subvacuum of Nothing @ Pehrspace
- Meiko, Charlie Wadhams, & Emma Burgess @ The Hotel Cafe
- Indie 103 Presents Check One, Two... w/ We Barbarians, Crystal Antlers, Loquat, & Sub @ The Viper Room
- The Last Holy Fools, Vagrant Vinny, Right Hand Band, & The Radio Sweetheart @ The Scene (FREE)
- Static of the Gods & Black Skies For Black Hearts @ The Silver Lake Lounge (FREE)
- Calls After Midnight, Warpaint, Black Swans, & Maryandi @ Bordello
- Voxhaul Broadcast, Aushua, Yves Klein Blue, Whitley, Old Man River, Ash Grunwald, & Dan Kelly @ Spaceland (FREE)

For money, I'd recommend the show tonight with Everest with Ed Harcourt and The Chapin Sisters at The Echoplex. (If you send Everest a message on their myspace page, you should be able to get on the $10 list.)

Tuesday, March 11
- Atlas Sound, Valet, & White Rainbow @ The Echo
- The New Bloods, Magic Johnson, & Ima Gymnist @ The Smell
- Sheryl Crow @ The El Rey
- High Wires, Old Man River, & The Active Set @ The Silver Lake Lounge
- The Happy Casualties, Firethorn, Weatherground, & Secret Alphabet @ The Scene (FREE)
- Indie 103 & The Echo present: The Ting Tings, & DJ Paul V @ Rec Center Studios @ Rec Center Studios
- The Wombats, AAnchors AAweigh, & Coco B's @ Spaceland

Haven't heard AAnchors AAweigh yet, but I hear that one or more guys from The Blood Arm are in it...

Wednesday, March 12
- Death to Anders, The Karabal Nightlife, Thailand, & Michael Compton @ The Echo (FREE)
- Famous Amos & The Muggabears @ The Smell
- Mike Rosas, 1971, & French Semester @ The Silver Lake Lounge
- Holmes * Night Canopy @ Tangier
- The Big Believers, The Youngs, & Chewy Puma @ Mr T's Bowl
- Derek Halet, Justin Kalama, Relax to Paris, Bikini Science @ The Scene (FREE)
- Indie 103 presents CLUB NME with The Mint Chicks, & The Prayers @ Spaceland
- Dub Club Presents: Mad Professor @ The Echoplex

You know, I'm probably one of the most ardent supporters of electro pop Thailand... I frigging love their album, as well as all the new songs they've been playing out lively lately. And Death To Anders? Their CD release party at Let's Independent! a few months was one of my favorite shows in the last six months.

Both bands are playing together -- and for FREE -- at The Echo on Wednesday night. If you're here, you should be there.

Thursday, March 13
- Old War Shirt CD release party w/ Ms. Garvey & The Hootenanny All Stars, Slings, & Famous Bob Rokos @ Spaceland
- Marvelous Toy, Happy Dwarf, & Walk In Medical @ @ Mr T's Bowl
- Beach House & Paper Cuts (early show) @ The Echo
- The Pillows With Noodles & The Outline @ The El Rey
- Clutch & Murder By Death @ The Henry Fonda
- The Hectors, Mospeada, & Clark 8 @ The Old Towne Pub
- Seismic Waves, Olin And The Moon, & Great Gleaming Sea @ The Silver Lake Lounge
- Chingalera, Bloody Robots, Killing Bees, The Mossy Break Up @ The Scene (FREE)
- The Clang Quartet, Boyzone, Xome, & Organ Music @ Echo Curio
- Acid Mothers Temple & Danava (late show) @ The Echo
- The Start & Red Host @ Crash Mansion

Thursday night is entirely about Marvelous Toy at Mr T's Bowl. It's a shame they're not down in Austin winning over the hearts and minds of the Texas people, but their loss is apparently our gain.

Friday, March 14
- West Without A Word w/ Signal Hill, The Drift, El Ten Eleven, & The Littlest Viking @ Pehrspace
- You Me and Iowa, Pacific Ocean Fire, The Drowning Men, & The Antiques @ Spaceland
- Club Underground @ The Echo
- Smash Fashion, Peachfuzz, The Hitz, Dirty City Brothers @ The Scene
- Religious Knives, Little Claw, BARR, Automatic, & Rarla Fozulich's Atsilegnave @ The Smell
- The Magazines, Vise Virsa, The Sundowners, & Ojos Rojos @ Mr T's Bowl
- Particle (Robby Krieger from The Doors) @ The El Rey
- Dog, Bavab Bavab, Send My Regards, & The Crystelles @ Echo Curio

Post rock act Signal Hill are yet another local group that I can't say enough good things about... The West Without A Word show they're playing is a two-day event. The first is at Pehrspace on Friday and the second is at The Cocaine at Live Jazz on Saturday.

And not one word will be sung by any of the bands playing it...

Saturday, March 15
- Hang The DJs @ The Echo
- Drew Danburry, Future of the Ghost, & Vaudeville @ Pehrspace
- Night Shift @ Mr T's Bowl
- Jackson United (feat members of Foo Fighters and Face To Face), & The Dirges @ The Scene
- The Late Severa Wires, Justice Yeldham, Jason Forrest, & Bizzart @ The Smell
- Ladybirds & Advanced Beginner @ Echo Curio
- The Boggards & Wives @ The El Rey
- West Without A Word w/ Beware Of Safety, North, Form and Fate, Hellas Mounds/Empire, & Arc of The Aurora @ The Cocaine at Live Jazz
- Firebug Record Release Party w/ Sierra Swan @ Spaceland

If you catch West Without A Word on Saturday night, check out Beware Of Safety.

Sunday, March 16
- Foot Foot, Pwrfi Power, Capillary Action, planets, & Totally Serious @ Pehrspace
- Shiloe, Manhattan Murder Mystery, Amps on Ten, & Goodbye Ian @ The Scene (FREE)
- Grand Ol' Echo @ The Echo
- Boredoms @ The Henry Fonda
- Part Time Punks Persents: Din Glorious @ The Echo

I keep meaning to check out self-described "visual/pop/pop" group Foot Foot live, but events keep conspiring to get in the goddamn way.


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