Monday, March 24, 2008

The Monday Show Low Down (Or "Throwing Shapes Like A Mother Bitch. Never See A Sequel.")

Last weekend marked the return of the sort of weather that reminds us why we live in Southern California -- and folks in the local music scene took advantage of it with a few BBQ and kickball get-togethers yesterday. I caught one of them and have to say that I don't know if bands in other cities all get along as well as they do here in LA, but I sincerely hope so...

I ran into a few people who commented on the recent marked improvement in the frequency of posts on the site and all I can say is, it's been nice catching back up. All apologies for the cds I've been behind in listening to (the pile is this high [gestures]) and emails I've neglected to respond to (the count is currently 2113)... I swear it's not b/c I think you suck.

As Frank Miller once said, "Please don't mistake incompetence for maliciousness."

Anyway, here's how the week looks like in live music in LA:

Monday, March 24
- The Vox Jaguars, Dangerbees, Charts and Maps, The Coast, & The Sea @ The Silver Lake Lounge
- Sally Jaye & Allison Moorer @ Hotel Cafe
- Warpaint, Hecuba, & Lucky Dragons @ Bordello
- Indie 103 Presents... Check One, Two w/ The Voom Blooms, Army Navy, Miniature Tigers, & The Weather Underground @ The Viper Room
- The Chapin Sisters, Glasser, Early Dolphins, & Clue To Kahlo @ The Echo
- Voxhaul Broadcast, Eastern Conference Champions, & Last American Buffalo @ Spaceland (FREE)
- The Submarines & Bell X1 @ The Troubadour
- Health, All Wrong and The Plans Change, Broken Remotes, Jim Sallinger, & Juggle @ Mr T's Bowl
- Sean Carnage Presents The Amazements, Late Severa Wires, Moment Trigger, Suzanne Silver, & Wisdom Teeth @ Pehrspace
- Indie 103 Presents Check One... Two 2/ Army Navy, The Weather Undergrounds, The Voom Booms & Miniature Tigers @ The Viper Room

I'd like to check out Voxhaul Broadcast's free residency at Spaceland after reading good things about them on Classical Geek Theatre next week, but I'm a little more curious about the line-up next Monday night. I don't know anything about the bands playing the residencies at The Echo or The Silver Lake Lounge, but like Army Navy and The Weather Underground, who are playing Indie 103's Check One... Two way out at The Viper Room.

Tuesday, March 25
- Saul Williams & Dragons of Zynth @ The Troubadour
- Kamran V’s Birthday Party = Prince Tribute w/ Har Mar & Lemon Sun @ The Echo
- Van Stone, The Ringers, & Vaggie Skabs @ Spaceland
- Abe Vigoda, Talbot Tagora, Teenage Moms, Hey Buddy And The Pals, & Small Breed @ The Smell
- Where's Moo, Craft Club, & The Great Gleaming Sea @ The Silver Lake Lounge
- Bob Mould Band & Saturna @ The El Rey

I caught Bob Mould's live acoustic show at The Roxy last fall and swear he was like a goddamn one-man army on-stage. (I literally still have the song I See A Little Light stuck in my head.)

This tour is to support his new album, which I haven't heard but for one song what I liked, and he has a full band with him this time.

Wednesday, March 26
- Squaregirls Present The Natural Disasters, Downtown/Union, Aushua, & The Henry Clay People @ The Scene
- Hell Ya & Passion of the Weiss Present The Knux & Clean Guns @ The Echo
- Lower Heaven & Cold War Direction @ 3 of Clubs
- Security Productions, Follow The Flood, Sleeping Boy, Slo Mo Erotic, Master Cylinder, & At The Rate Of Fast @ Mr T's Bowl
- Married In Berdichev, BDRMPPL, Suzanne Killer, Wisdom Teeth, & Winners @ The Smell
- Dub Club @ Echoplex
- The By And By & Katy Rose @ The Silver Lake Lounge
- Fever Fever, Milo, & Blue Sky Divide @ Bordello
- Metal Night w/ Facepilot, National Sunday Law, Teraton, & Get Your Death On @ Echo Curio
- Club NME w/ Alberta Cross & Asher @ Spaceland
- Tokyo Police Club @ The Troubadour (SOLD-OUT)
- Jessica Fichot, Ben Pringle, & Brandon Meyer and The Hidden Powers @ Tangier

Wednesday is anything can happen to you day... There's the latest Square Girls' show out at The Scene in Glendale with The Henry Clay People, Aushua, The Natural Disasters, and Downtown/Union. It's co-presented by JAXART Records; is a 7", CD, and EP release party all packed into one; and should contain ample amounts of entertainment.

Meanwhile, if you like quieter sing-songy stuff, there's Jessica Fichot out at Tangier and if you like shoe-gaze, Lower Heaven (at Three of Clubs) are kind of hot.

Thursday, March 27
- The Datsuns, The Binges, & Angus Khan @ Spaceland
- Daniel Lanois @ The Vista Theatre
- Out Of Town, Brian Kenny Fresno, Inglewood, & Abe Quigley @ Mr T's Bowl
- Deep Jew, God Willing, Foul Tip, Robedoor, Infinite Body, & Pukers @ The Smell
- Free Moral Agents, French Miami, Andy Friedman & The Other Failures, & Sweet Crude Bill and The Nautical Lighthouse Society @ The Silver Lake Lounge
- The Minor Canon, Shiloe, & Repeater @ The Echo
- Tokyo Police Club @ The Troubadour (SOLD-OUT)
- The Mama Suki, The Magazines, Avalon Omega, Electric Russia @ The Scene
- Dizzy’s, California Stalker, Los Angeles, Anna Oxygen, ESPS @ Charlie Os
- Red Sparowes, Russian Circles, & The Holloys @ Echoplex
- The Poor Excuses, Colorforms, & The Bentleys @ The Three Of Clubs
- Tenlons Fort & Alex and Sam @ Hotel Cafe

Lots of good shows going on Thursday night... In fact, you have a painful number of options between The Datsuns at Spaceland; The Minor Canon, Shiloe, and Repeater, at The Echo; The Poor Excuses, Colorforms, and The Bentleys at Three of Clubs; and Tenlons Fort and Alex and Sam at The Hotel Cafe.

While all of these shows are well worth catching, we have a few pairs of tickets to give away for The Datsuns show... Write us here with "The Datsuns" in the header and your full name in the message to be entered in the drawing. (Must be 21+ and not have won anything in the last sixty days from us.)

Friday, March 28
- Gray Kid, Casxio, & Nutra @ Echoplex
- Beth Orton @ The El Rey
- Discount Cruise to HELL!Nite, Chores, Veronique Chevalier, & MACKA @ Mr T's Bowl
- 0 Mother Echo, Cinder Cone, Movement of the Sun @ Charlie O's
- Imaad Wasif And The Two Part Beast, Bezoar, & Voice On Tape @ The Smell
- Echo & Club Underground present The Snow @ The Echo
- United By SOund & Spider Problem @ Bordello
- Bazerk, Joe Ward and Mario D, & Sarge @ The Scene
- Alex Nackman, Justin King, Elizabeth Wills, Green River Ordinance, & The Daylights @ The Troubadour
- The Sixth Chamber, Circus Minor, Stevie Starlight, & Spider Problem @ Spaceland
- Red Maids, Wendy Wang, Liz Pappademas, & Dustin Fire @ Pehrspace

Pretty interested in checking out Mike (The Devils Romantics) Corwin's new group Red Maids with singer/songwriter Wendy Wang at my favorite hole-in-the-wall Pehrspace on Friday night...

Saturday, March 29
- Good Luck Bear, Douglas Ferguson, & Sublamp @ Pehrspace
- Teddy Thompson & Rosie Thomas @ The Troubadour
- Blue Mask, Motorcycle Black Madonnas, Backbiter, The Probe, & Guam @ Mr T's Bowl
- Sasquatch, Albatross, Anglo Jackson, Skywreck @ The Scene
- GZA (performing Wu-Tang's Liquid Swords in its entirety) @ The El Rey
- Panic Movement, The Animalystics, The Urban Fable, Able and Baker, The Holograms, The Press Fire, Thee Out Modes, & Lola Red @ The Airliner
- Brother Reade, The Glitch Mob, Nosaj Thing @ The Echo
- Good Listeners, Vermouth, & The Library @ Bordello
- Rio En Medio, Hecuba, Quinn Walker, & Avocet @ Spaceland
- The Transmissions, The Karabal Nightlife, The Seasons, & more @ Crane's Tavern

The Transmissions and The Karabal Nightlife make me want to finally figure out where the hell Crane's Tavern is on Saturday night.

Sunday, March 30
- Par Avion Band, The Bentleys, King Cheetah, Snow, Johnn Hughes, & Automatique @ The Viper Room
- The Eagle Rock Bowling & Drinking Club w/ Divisadero, Flying Tourbillon Orchestra, Amnion, & Dirt Dress @ All-Star Lanes (FREE)
- Eleni Mandell, Musee Mecanique, Alex and Sam, & Correatown @ Tangier
- Wummin, The Swords Of Fatima, & Vanishing Kid @ Echo Curio
- Grand Ol' Echo @ The Echo (early)
- Part Time Punks @ The Echo (late)
- Point Break Live @ Charlie O's
- Donny, The Vinyls, Band of Outsiders, & Science Fiction Theater @ The Scene (FREE)
- Amoeba Music's UndergounDNUS @ Charlie O's
- Debaser, Orca Season, & more @ The Smell
- Neil Hamburger, Andy Daly, The Juggalos, & Dead Sea Scrolls @ Spaceland
- Loverlee, The Tartans, & Lovelybones @ Mr T's Bowl (FREE)

There are some good line-ups on Sunday night between The Eagle Rock Bowling & Drinking Club with the hard-to-categorize pop stylings of Amnion and The Flying Tourbillon Orchestra and Tangier; singer/songwriters Eleni Mandell, Alex and Sam, and Correatown; and indie pop act The Tartans at Mr T's Bowl.

That's it. Please let me know if I missed anything.


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