Friday, March 21, 2008

RFSL Mix: Sixteen Great Songs To Hear Played Live In LA

Mouse from Classical Geek Theatre wrote the other day about how Amnion's ATonn is one of his favorite songs to hear live in LA right now and it got me thinking about what my own favorites are... And so I put together a collection of tracks from local artists -- some new, some older -- that just fucking kill me when I see them performed here in town.

DL and assemble them in the following order for maximum enjoyment, but, most importantly, try to hunt down the bands' next shows and go see them live so you can get the full mind-blowing experience.

1) Xu Xu Fang - Good Times MP3
2) The MoviesRock In The Slingshot MP3
3) Division Day - Tap Tap Click Click MP3
4) ThailandThis Officer’s Life MP3
5) The Happy Hollows - Meteors MP3
6) Radars To The SkyLong Walk Home MP3
7) RademacherThey Are Always Into That MP3
8) Death To Anders - Doll MP3
9) EverestRebels & Roses MP3
10) TandemoroLock Your Doors MP3
11) The SpiresIn The Fine Autumn Time MP3
12) Le SwitchTongue Tied MP3
13) Amnion - ATonn MP3
14) The Western States MotelSouthwest Planez MP3
15) The Deadly SyndromeEucalyptus MP3
16) Signal HillCalifornia Is Too Long MP3

Happy motherfucking Easter, everyone.

Photo by Braedon Photography.


Blogger Mouse said...

Good Times would be on my list, too.

3:14 PM  
Blogger Lee said...

Or, more bands and venues could allow open recording so good, live versions of the songs could be taped and listened to whenever one desires.

4:15 PM  

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