Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Video Free Silver Lake: The Movies, The Happy Hollows, Sand, & More

Today is Anything Can Happen Day. In this case, that means some videos. OMG?!

First up is some live footage of local legends The Movies playing When I Was in Nam at The Echo a few months back. Be sure to go to their "Bootleg Record Release Party" w/ The Happy Hollows at Bordello on April 11th.

Did you see this short on The Happy Hollows at The LA Zoo from back when they did their residency at The Echo? I missed it then but it still contains funny.

Here's a video of the song Things by Sand. Local director coL sent it over and I kind of love it.

And here's an unrelated clip of what I think is the funniest TV show in teh world...

Pic of The Movies by George Tapia.


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Blogger the said...

Funny thing is that I JUST recently saw Nathan Barley (which you have to check out if you havent already! ) I know one of the guys from this show is on that too.... and the other guy in the van is in the IT crowd (

anyways, cheers :)

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