Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Reminder Tonight: The Mae Shi, Death To Anders, Die Rockers Die, & Light FM @ Spaceland

Just wanted to reiterate my interest and support of the KXLU and Classical Geek Theatre-sponsored show tonight at Spaceland w/ The Mae Shi, Death To Anders, Die Rockers Die, and Light FM.

Death To Anders are one of the most original bands in Los Angeles right now... to the point where I barely know how to describe them. I can easily say though that their Dave Newton-produced album completely nailed their sound and is one of my recent favorites. Likewise, Light FM appeal to that part of my heart reserved for perfect pop music. They really nail it live, too.

I don't really know loudies The Mae Shi and Die Rockers Die too well, but enough of my friends say good things about them for me to be interested in seeing them play.

Should be a great time...

- Interview: Death To Anders
- Interview: Light FM


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