Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Indie Rock Zealotry: Manhattan Murder Mystery's Tired of Being a Man

Humor me for a second, because I want to veer off format to write about something that's been stuck in my head a lot lately: Namely, just how damn good Manhattan Murder Mystery's song Tired of Being a Man is.

Since the band is playing our Let's Independent! event next Tuesday night at Boardner's, this might seem like a promotional measure, but it's meant to be a momentary meditation on enthusiasm. Here's a link: I'm Tired of Being a Man MP3

The song's main success to me lies in its ability to be at once punk and poetic. Alternately or concurrently deep, funny, and catchy. One moment, it's about throwing a brick through a bank window, the next, it veers off into Pablo Neruda malaise. And somehow seeing a large, bearded man in a steel helmet singing both of these sentiments works better than your typical scrawny indie rocker.

Lines like "I'll hook my brainwaves up to your brainwaves" may seem silly in meaning or lacking in rhyme (I mean, it's they're the same words and all), but fuck if they're not charming and immensely repeatable.

I haven't been able to stop singing the lines "I read a good poem by Pablo Neruda... and if you come over, I'll read it to ya" around the house and in the car. They're patently infectious in sentiment and delivery, sung by someone who's not taking himself completely seriously and having a lot of fun.

Anyway, all three acts playing the show next week have songs that I like as much or more as this one. (In fact, Manhattan Murder Mystery have a few more great ones available for download right here.) Suffice to say, can't wait. Please pardon the zeal.


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