Wednesday, February 04, 2009

SAVE THE DATE: Under Covered on Sunday, February 15th at All-Star Lanes

If you're a local music dork (like me), there's a show coming up that you'll definitely want to attend... Radio Free Silver Lake and the folks at The Eagle Rock Bowling & Drinking Club are putting on an event together at All-Star Lanes on Sunday, February 15th.

It's called Under Covered and it'll have four great LA acts -- Radars to the Sky, The Flying Tourbillon Orchestra (w/ Angela Correa), Death to Anders, and Marvelous Toy -- performing sets comprised of their favorite songs from other great active local bands.

So, imagine Death to Anders covering some of the best tracks by The Happy Hollows or One Trick Pony... Radars to the Sky playing songs from The Airborne Toxic Event or The Henry Clay People... and so on. The actual set list is a closely-guarded secret (much like the recipe to New Coke) but that should give you an idea of what might happen that night.

It's the site's third birthday, so we wanted to do something to celebrate just how damn good the music scene here is. The bands are all really into it. And folks from other local acts that I've mentioned it to have responded with a collective "brilliant!"

Anyway, mark your space calendars... All-Star Lanes is located at 4459 Eagle Rock blvd in the Eagle Rock area of Los Angeles, doors are at 8:00 PM and it starts early at 8:30 PM, and the door is $6 -- with all the money going straight to the bands.

Rad poster by Christine Hale.


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we'll be there hearin' it in spirit!

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