Thursday, March 12, 2009

Photo File: Neil Halstead & Zach Gill @ Largo

by Laurie ScavoIMG_2017

Since I'm brand new to LA, every venue I shoot is a new adventure. And last night at
Largo at The Coronet for the Neil Halstead show was no exception.

First things first: no bar.

Surprising, since the outside patio in front of the theater is gorgeous – a perfect spot to hang, have a drink, then go inside and catch a show. Yet, for what the Largo at The Coronet lacks in libations, it makes up for in excellent sound coupled
with a true vintage theater experience.

Opening for Neil Halstead was the clever and engaging Zach Gill. A master of all instruments, Gill charmed the audience with his funny lyrics, and left them breathless with his infinite musicianship.

When Neil Halstead took the stage, the venue was comfortably full. Settling in to experience what was sure to be a special evening, the theater went pitch black. Literally. Like hard to see the person next to you. It made the night extremely intimate, and a little sleepy. Sitting in the darkness, it was easy to be lulled to far away places, riding the waves of Halstead’s magical voice and thinking man’s lyrics.

Paint A Face is one of my favorite songs off Halstead’s Oh! Mighty Engine release from LA's Brushfire Records, and hearing it live made me think a little too hard, nearly bringing me to tears:

Buy a ten-dollar camera
Take a picture of everyone
Cause people change
Yeah, they change
Yeah, they're changing everyday
And I don't want to be the one
That you don't recognize
No, I don't want to be the one
The one that's left behind

When the tear thing happens, I remember why I love live music so damn much. The audience agreed, as they BEGGED for an encore for nearly five minutes before the house lights went on. Evidently it was time for a beer, and not another song.







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