Monday, March 09, 2009

TICKET GIVEAWAY: Great Northern on Monday, March 16, at Silverlake Lounge

By Joel Robinson

Well, after spending much of 2008 writing, recording, mixing, Great Northern are now ready to release their new record Remind me Where the Light is come April 28, 2009. And in advance of this, they're currently banging a quick tour up and down the west coast prior to a trip out to SXSW. As a part of this jaunt, they’ll be joining us for a night over at the Silver Lake Lounge, an evening filled out with the elemental and adventurous sounds provided by Great Northern’s west coast touring pals O + S.

As an L.A. based quartet, the band's show on Monday serves as a home venue visit and we’re excited and looking forward to welcoming their marvelous sound back to the neighborhood. For a fabulous eve, swing on out and enjoy their terrific takes while offering them a pitch of support in advance of their roll on over to SXSW. We have access to a pair of tickets for the show and welcome you to have a try at winning these. If you haven’t won anything from us in the last month drop a note to "RFSLjoel(at)gmail(dot)com” indicating your interest in these tickets. Be certain to include your full name, along with confirmation that you’re 21+ and make certain that we receive it before noon this Friday, March 13th.


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