Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Video Free Silver Lake: Bird And The Bee, Great Northern, Robert Francis, Mad Happy, & Elvis Perkins

by Jed

I've been more than a little bit laid up  by unexpected injury, so I unfortunately will most likely be missing all of the shows in LA this week.  Good thing I can watch videos at home...

1) In my opinion, local up and coming songwriter Robert Francis sounds a lot like the The Arcade Fire, and as far as I'm concerned that is not a bad thing, not a bad thing at all.  Here's a full length feature and interview with him by former LA DJ Carson Daly. According to Carson Daly, The Hotel Cafe is a pretty cool spot!

Robert Francis on Last Call with Carson Daly (3/5/2009)

2) Remember how Great Northern used to seem to play around LA all the time, and you started taking them for granted and missing their shows? The good news is that they are currently on tour, and will be playing at the very small (cash-only) Silver Lake Lounge on March 16. Here's an excellent song that should get you excited to see Great Northern when they come down south, if the liquor store across the street from the Silver Lake Lounge isn't reason enough.

3) L.A. duo the Bird and the Bee will be returning to LA on March 16 at the Tricot Showroom, located at 843 S. Los Angeles St., Suite #200, along with Haim, The Damn-Sons and [Post-Foetus]. NPR's Fresh Air seems to love the new album.  Here's a video off their new album:

4) Ex-orthodox Jews Mad HaPPy are playing at the Pehrspace on March 16.  Supposedly they tour the country, while subsisting on food made in a crock pot which is plugged into their car.

5) Elvis Perkins is playing at the Troubadour on March 12. I don't him that well, but am intrigued by the trombone and marching drum in this live performance of his song Doomday...


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