Monday, February 27, 2006

Your New Favorite Band: Pink Mountaintops

In many ways, it was a pretty blah day. I mean, I never really recovered from the late nights and lack of sleep from the weekend, my computer showed corrupted files and wouldn’t build my holodeck at work (so I couldn’t “tighten up the graphics for level three”), and it rained for hours, causing everyone in the LA freeway system to drive like pensive senior citizens.

But on the bright side, I spent most of my afternoon listening to tracks from Pink Mountaintops and soaking in that thrill of discovery you feel when you find a new band that sounds a lot different from everything else you’ve been into lately.

The band’s fronted by the same guy behind Black Mountain and takes up residence in the same place in my eighth grade heart that unrepentantly loves The Fucking Champs and Queens of the Stone Age. It’s good stoner rock that seems to focus on two main themes: drugs and sex. (Because, really, what else is there?)

The good news is that they’re playing at Spaceland on Saturday, March 11th -- unfortunately on the same night as The Lights From Here -- along with Oneida and We Are Wolves. I listened to all the tracks on both of those band’s myspace pages today too and … it sounds like it’s going to be a great show. A loud one, definitely.

For those of you about to rock out with your cock out, we salute you...


Blogger Brad K said...

whaaa? it rains in LA???

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