Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Quickie Album Reviews: SLGTM, TG&YTV, and Kelley Stoltz

Saturday Looks Good to MeSound on Sound
Maybe more repeated listenings to this collection of thirty tracks from rare EPs, singles, and 7-inches are necessary for it to fully sink in, but it feels like an album for only the most diehard fans of this 60s Wall of Sound-style band... Though I probably could not be more into their stellar second and third albums, All Your Summer Songs and Every Night, and singer/ songwriter/producer/multi-instrumentalist Fred Thomas’ fantastic solo work.

The Green and Yellow TVSinister Barrier
At first, this album may seem to lack something from this local indy pop band’s excellent live performances, but that impression disappears quickly. It’s the definition of a grower, and over time even the songs that you once skipped past in favor of the main stand-out tracks end up demanding your attention.

Kelly Stoltz Bellow the Branches
Its clear that this singer/songwriter loves The Beatles and The Beach Boys as much (or more) than I do, but the songs on this album seem so reminiscent of that material that I’ve found myself just taking out this cd and putting on Pet Sounds instead.


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