Thursday, March 08, 2007

Tonight at Spaceland: Saturday Looks Good to Me

Sometimes we get so spoiled by all the great local acts in LA that we let bands visiting from out of town slip by without much attention. (At least, I know I do...)

But tonight's a rare opportunity to see a fantastic group of out-of-towners perform -- and one that might not come again for a long time. I'm talking about, as the title of this post suggests, Saturday Looks Good to Me at Spaceland.

I've written before that they're "modern indie pop meets 60s Wall of Sound" and that “You know the way that it seems most people into teh indie rock regard Elliott Smith’s work? The way it touches them on both an aesthetic and personal level? SLGTM lead Fred Thomas’ music hits me like that, too.”

And a bunch of other gushing stuff that I normally hold back for just my favorite, favorite acts.

The afore-mentioned Fred Thomas is also going to appear on KXLU 88.9 FM (you can find a simulcast on their web-site, if you’re not near a radio) at 5:00 PM today for a live solo-performance and interview.

Here's that video of them playing live in Sweden again, just to give you an idea of what you’d miss if you stayed home and watched must-see TV or something.

- Band of the Week: Saturday Looks Good to Me
- Mini-Interview: Fred Thomas


Blogger Malcolm Sosa said...

I love this guy. Tell him hello for us.

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