Tuesday, June 26, 2007

FREE Show Of Note Tonight: Bedroom Walls, Tandemoro, & Frankel

Hey! I don't want to hard sell you too overly much on our Let's Independent! show at Boardner's tonight but you really ought to go. I mean, it's FREE and I know how you love fun and all. (And just look how cool this flyer turned out... It's all like "Are You There, God? It's Me, Let's Independent!")

Here's some previous coverage, videos, and MP3s for all the bands who are playing:

Bedroom Walls
"Romanticore is like emo for people who aren't retarded. Just kidding. You can be retarded and still like us. But seriously...when we started out, there weren't too many bands in L.A. playing quiet, pretty songs. This might seem hard to believe now that you can't swing a dead cat in Echo Park without hitting 10 bands who wear their sensitivity on their sleeves, but it's true."

DOWNLOAD: In Anticipation Of Your Suicide MP3

"People couldn't always see the cameras, so they would walk by and see us in these dream-like spaceman/alien suits thinking we're just some bizarre performance artists so they walked by all fast and nervous, which was the exact opposite of what we were going for, we wanted to get people going and lead big groups around downtown, but everyone basically ran away when they say us coming and security would come out." CLICK FOR MORE

DOWNLOAD: Patch of Luck MP3
DOWNLOAD: Lock Your Doors MP3

Jesus christ superstar, but I swear I did an interview with Frankel's Michael Orendy to coincide with the recent release of his cd Lullaby for the Passerby, but it looks like I just wrote a band of the week article gushing about how much I loved his Chatterbox EP. (Note: An interview is due soon.)

DOWNLOAD: The Antidote MP3


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