Thursday, June 28, 2007

Free Tickets For Radars To The Sky, The Henry Clay People, Molecules, & Tigers Can Bite You

So, yeah. We're presenting a show this Saturday night with KXLU 88.9 FM and Rock Insider at The Echo with Radars to the Sky, The Henry Clay People, Tigers Can Bite You, and Molecules. Doors are at eight, it's 18+, and it runs $7 -- or $5 if you print out and bring this flyer.

We've got some giveaways for the event, as well. Five lucky RFSL readers will win a gift pack containing a pair of tickets and CDs from all four bands. (At least, all four if Tigers Can Bite You have their album ready for release. I need to check...) Just write us here with your full name to be entered in the drawing.

Here are links to some previous coverage (often w/ MP3s) that we've done on all the bands playing the night:

Radars To The Sky
"To realize that music could be so big and momentous and intricate and creative and raw and powerful and, well, rocking, without resorting to any of the cliches or lazy songwriting of metal or grunge that was dominant at the time was really a revelation." CLICK FOR MORE

The Henry Clay People
"Rock and roll music is best heard live. So much manipulation takes place in recording so it's generally refreshing to see through all the smoke and mirrors. I think you get a way better sense of what the band is about... for better or worse." CLICK FOR MORE

"There are so many people playing music and doing it well that it's hard to be visible - when you live in a small town and you play in a band, you're special. In LA, unless you have something really different, people look at you and go - yeah, boring. And they go out to smoke a cigarette." CLICK FOR MORE

Tigers Can Bite You
"The band was originally called janmichaelvincent, but Sammy hated the name. We all tried coming up with new names, but it wasn't until Dave posted a picture of a tiger biting a shark on MySpace with a caption that said "Tigers Can Bite You," that we decided that would be the new name." CLICK FOR MORE


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