Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Band of the Week: The Marvelous Toy

I don’t know if local LA act The Marvelous Toy has ever even played a show before, but I’ve had their six-song EP on repeat in my computer since it arrived at the Radio Free Silver Lake corporate offices a week and change ago -- and the first track You Were Brighter snuck onto the mix I played outside at Little Radio Summer Camp last weekend. It's that damn catchy.

Lead Jordan Hudock describes the band’s sound as “a lonely boy looking out the window in a 2nd floor apartment overlooking a dirty street as the sky turns a blueish-grey and ever so lightly the first drops of a rainstorm begin to fall. BOOM.” And I guess I’d call it Magnetic Fields-influenced indie rock with enough heart to make you ignore any minor flaws or missteps.

Lots of promise here. One to watch out for.

DOWNLOAD: You Were Brighter MP3


Blogger j said...

a box of those robots, please, joe. they will nibble on my fingers like baby chicks. eeee.

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